Valentine's Day Celebrations

Some Simple Menus

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These Valentine's Day celebration recipes and menus are a perfect way to enjoy a special relationship or just treat yourself and your family in the middle of a cold and dreary winter. I myself like winter because it can be such a cozy time of year, with the fireplace crackling, some romantic music playing in the background, and the house full of good smells from baking and cooking.

I feel that Valentine dinners should be special. Choose your sweetie's favorite foods and surprise him or her with a wonderful romantic meal and a special table set for two. If you have a fireplace, set a small table close by, and use your most delicate china and crystal. A few candles and a small, low bowl of fresh flowers will complete the atmosphere.

And remember that you can make these menus for a larger celebration! Having a Valentine's Day party for four or six or eight people is a great way to entertaining during what is really the most dreary time of the year. 

Valentine's Day Celebration Recipes and Menus

Five Ingredient Valentine's Day Dinner Valentine's Weekend!

The meal can be rich, but make the portion sizes small! Being uncomfortably full is not conducive to a romantic evening. These are my favorite romantic dinners. The traditional menu includes sweet, cold fruits, the crusty, fragrant bread, and the rich and melting meat combine to make a fabulous and unforgettable dinner.

Or use your crockpots to have your meal ready the second you come home from a hard day at the office or school. Combine that with a few make-ahead recipes for an appetizer and a fruit salad and you've got a delicious and easy meal.

Or you can splurge and serve some fabulous steaks with a herb-scented butter that melts into the rich meat. You can also mix and match recipes between these menus to create your own special meal.

And whatever you choose to make for the meal, make sure you have planned for dessert. After all, chocolate is one of the main highlights of the holiday! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!