A Variety of Recipes for Beets

Enjoy recipes for beets, including glazed golden beets, beet salads, Harvard beets, pickled beets, and more. Try one of these delicious beet recipes today!

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    Harvard Beets
    Diana Rattray

    Delicious, nutrient-rich beets are cooked in a tangy sauce in this version of classic Harvard beets. These can be made with fresh cooked and peeled beets, or make them with canned beets for a quick and tasty side dish.

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    Classic Pickled Beets
    Diana Rattray

    Next to bread and butter pickles, pickled beets are at the top of my favorite pickles list. This recipe is a basic recipe for delicious pickled beets, and it can easily be doubled to make a larger batch.

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    Candied Golden Beets
    Diana Rattray

    These easy spiced candied gold beets are delicious with any main dish, and they're special enough for a holiday dinner.

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    Sweet and Sour Beets
    Diana Rattray

    Beets are one of those vegetables we often overlook, and they're rich in nutrients and antioxidant compounds. This recipe is a great way to enjoy beets.

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    Gingered Golden Beets
    Diana Rattray

    These flavorful golden beets are served with a fragrant, lightly sweetened ginger sauce with golden raisins. Serve as a side dish with any family meal, or serve with a special holiday dinner.

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    Roasted Beet Salad With Bacon
    Diana Rattray

    This beet salad is a simple but tasty side dish for an everyday meal or special dinner. This is a great way to enjoy fresh beets.

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    Brown Sugar Glazed Golden Beets
    Diana Rattray

    Feel free to use either apple juice or orange juice to make the glaze for these tasty beets.

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    Balsamic and Brown Sugar Glazed Beets
    Diana Rattray

    These fresh beets are cooked with a glaze mixture of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, and butter. These are delicious beets to serve with just about any family meal.

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    Golden Beets With Balsamic Brown Sugar Dressing
    Diana Rattray

    A simple brown sugar and balsamic vinegar dressing flavors these delicious golden beets. This is a tasty salad and makes a great summertime side dish.