Best Beet Recipes

Beetroot Salads, Soups, Pickled Beets, and More

beet falafel
Anita Schecter

There are so many ways to enjoy beets: raw, boiled, baked, juiced, and roasted are just a few ideas. And don't throw the greens away. While the roots are high in folic acid and fiber, the greens are rich in vitamins A and C, along with calcium and iron.

Beets are often overlooked because of their tendency to stain surfaces and skin. To avoid staining and mess from red beets, all you have to do is cover the countertop with plastic wrap or wax paper and wear disposable gloves. If you do end up with stained hands, rub them with a lemon half. Or, you may choose to substitute the red variety with golden beets or white beets; use them in any recipe that calls for red beetroot.

Here are some of the best recipes, from soups and cocktails to salads and sandwiches.