New vegan burgers available at Wendy's!


Attention Salt Lake City, Columbus, Ohio and Columbia, South Carolina! If you're lucky enough to live in one of these areas, pop on down to Wendy's to try out their new vegetarian veggie burgers!

When it comes to things like this, I firmly stand on the side of "support it or lose it", even though I know some vegetarians and vegans disagree, preferring not to support meat-based restaurants and industries, even when they offer meatless options. I love supporting all-vegetarian and all-vegan businesses as much as possible, but national chains also need to be encouraged to offer meat-free options. I figure, if it's good enough for PeTA to support, it's good enough for me!

That being said, if you live in or near Salt Lake City, Columbus, Ohio or Columbia, South Carolina, I genuinely hope you'll go out and give the new Wendy's veggie burger a try, and encourage others to do the same. Support it - and hopefully Wendy's will choose to expand this option to all of their restaurants nationwide - or lose it (hopefully not!). 

The new veggie burger at Wendy's is a black bean burger with a Southwest theme, made from a blend of black beans, grains, pepper, corn and carrots with plenty of spices including garlic and chili pepper. Note that the new Wendy's black bean veggie burger comes with cheese and a Parmesan ranch dressing, so if you're vegan, be sure to ask them to hold the sauce and the cheese when you order, if you need it to be vegan. The patty, bun and other ingredients are all indeed vegan, according to Wendy's.

With 14 grams of protein and just 10 grams of fat (without the cheese and Parmesan ranch sauce), the Wendy's black bean burger isn't too bad of a choice if you need a quick vegetarian or vegan meal on the run, or if you're accompanying non-vegan friends out for a bite to eat. 

And yes, they cook the veggie burger on a separate oven, so the patty isn't grilled on the same surface as the regular meat burgers, and avoids touching any leftover meat juices. 

Wendy's is a bit late to the game here (it's 2016!), since so many national chains, including Denny's, Burger King, Red Robin and White Castle have all had a veggie burger on their menu for years now. 

Learn more about the new Wendy's black bean burger here.

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