Planning a Vegetarian or Vegan Cinco de Mayo Party

What's a Cinco de Mayo party without some fabulous food? Being vegetarian doesn't mean giving up on some great appetizers, drinks and dishes to celebrate this Mexican holiday. Mexican food is actually a great option for vegetarians and vegans, usually, because the meat is usually just part of the meal, meaning it's easy to omit or replace, while still enjoying plenty of other Mexican food ingredients, sauces and flavors.

Of course, many people aren't interested in eating Mexican...MORE food for Cinco de Mayo, and are more interested in drinking for Cinco de Mayo! In that case, be sure to scroll down for a few creative vegan margarita recipes to try. 

Read on for some great vegetarian and vegan Cinco de Mayo party ideas, and some vegan margaritas too. Viva la Mexico!

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    Easy Vegetarian Fajitas

    Easy Vegetarian Fajitas with Tempeh
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    Make vegetarian fajitas with just a few simple ingredients and a few Mexican spices. Serve wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with a spoonful of sour cream, and of course, a little homemade guacamole on the side always goes over well. Try making vegetarian fajitas with vegetables, seitan or any other meat substitute. Here's a few easy vegetarian fajita recipes to try:

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    Homemade salsa

     Salsa is a no-brainer when it comes to a meatless Cinco de Mayo appetizer or snack that everyone will love, but you can knock everyones socks off with some impressive and creative salsas. Have you ever considered making a homemade mango salsa, for example? What about a salsa with grapefruit? Here's 7 creative homemade salsas perfect for anyone on a vegetarian, vegan or even gluten-free diet.

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    Vegetarian rolled tacos (taquitos)

    Vegetarian rolled tacos (taquitos)

    With just a few store-bought ingredients, you can whip up little homemade vegetarian rolled tacos, also call flautas or taquitos (my favorite!) in no time at all by either baking them in the oven or frying them in a bit of oil. I've also prepared taquitos in a toaster oven before. They're small, so why not? Taquitos are a great Mexican finger food, which makes them perfect for a Cinco de Mayo appetizer or even as an entree. Here's a few recipes to try:

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    Guacamole close-up
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    No Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without some homemade guacamole. And, since there's so many variations, perhaps you'd better plan on having two. Whichever guacamole recipe you try, be sure you are using a good quality avocado, because guacamole is all about the flavor of the avocado. Serve in a bowl next to your chili "cheese" dip and chips! Here's a few of my favorite ways to prepare homemade guacamole:

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    Avocado margarita

    What's a Cinco de Mayo party without margartias? Here's a few twists to the traditional mixes, which vegans in particular might enjoy:

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    Chili cheese dip
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    With just two pre-made ingredients, this recipe is super easy and super yummy, which are two of my favorite qualities in a recipe! Serve with in bowl with a plateful of corn tortilla chips for a quick, though not exactly authentic, appetizer. 

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    Not finding exactly what you're looking for? Check out lots more vegetarian and vegan Mexican food recipes here, including burritos, tacos, homemade enchiladas, posole soup, frijoles negores, tortilla soup and more.

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    More Vegetarian Party Foods and Appetizers

    If your party needs a little something extra that you're not finding here on this list of vegetarian Cinco de Mayo foods, try scrolling through this collection of dozens of vegetarian and vegan appetizers, hors d' oeuvres and party food ideas, from a greasy vegetarian hot wings recipe to a more elegant balsamic and basil bruschetta and everything in between. Pictured: Vegan black and green olive tapenaude crostini