Four Vegan Paella Recipes

Vegetarian vegetable paella

Looking for a healthy Spanish vegetable paella recipe? Try one of these vegetarian and vegan paella recipes. Each is vegan and full of vegetables and is completely meatless. They may not be authentic Spanish recipes, but what makes a paella isn't the ingredients so much as the cooking technique. Traditionally, paella is cooked over an open flame, which helps develop the nice crispy bits at the bottom of the pan - that's one of the best parts of eating any paella, vegetarian, vegan, or...MORE not. Paella is traditionally made with a short grain Spanish rice, but Italian arborio rice is more common and makes a good substitute. 

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    Vegan paella with green peas, artichokes and bell pepper photo by Fuse / Getty Images
    Vegan paella with green peas, artichokes and bell pepper photo by Fuse / Getty Images
    This vegetable paella recipe is vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. It's made with just the basic, simplest paella ingredients, including red bell peppers, green bell peppers, artichoke hearts, green peas and plenty of classic paella spices, of course. One reviewer named Leah gave this recipe five out of five stars and said, "This recipe makes enough to satisfy four hungry people, and it's so tangy that even non-vegetarians adore it. It's simple to make while company is present,...MORE as you can chop up the vegetables while the rice stands and only have to pay close attention during the sautee step." Another reviewer suggested pairing it with a Spanish cava.
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    Vegetarian "chicken" and artichoke paella recipe

    An authentic Spanish paella recipes needs to be flavored with saffron, which is incredibly expensive, when you can find it. This easy vegetarian paella recipe instead starts with pre-flavored packaged saffron rice, making it simpler and more budget-friendly. With plenty of paprika, roasted red peppers, garlic and white wine, it's not short on flavor, however, and the vegetarian "chicken" helps carry the flavor even further.

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    Vegan quinoa paella recipe

    Looking to try something a little different? This vegan paella recipe is made with quinoa instead of rice, making it extra-nutritious for vegetarians and vegans. With white wine, a Goya seasoning blend and cumin, there's plenty of Spanish flavor added to the quinoa. If you like quinoa, you'll love this quinoa vegetable paella recipe.

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    Video: How to make vegetable paella

    Video: How to make vegetable paella

    With eggplant and chickpeas, this isn't exactly a traditional Spanish paella, but the chickpeas help round it out into a full vegan meal. If you've never made paella before, watching how it's done in this vegan paella video may be helpful.