Egg-free Vegan Salad Dressings

Looking for the perfect dairy-free, egg-free and vegan salad dressing recipe? You've come to the right place! 

Is it possible to have the perfect green salad without the perfect salad dressing? I think not! Store-bought salad dressings are nearly always full of little more than oil and high-fructose corn syrup (don't believe me? Read the label!) and I personally find the egg-free, dairy-free and vegan dressings to be hit and miss (store-bought goddess dressing, for example, is nearly...MORE always fantastic, but vegan ranch dressing? Meh.).

Even if you love store-bought vegan salad dressing, making your own at home is a bargain and easy to do. I try to always keep some on hand. If I don't use it on a green salad, I'll use it on leftover quinoa, a rice salad or something or other sooner or later!

I'm a firm believer that salad dressing is one of those things that vegans should never buy!

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    Classic salad dressings: French, Thousand Island, Ceasar, Italian

    Thousand Island dressing

    Most classic American salad dressings can easily be veganized, even Caesar dressing. Who can really taste the anchovies anyways? Use a dairy-free vegan mayonnaise in creamy dressings, or browse a few of these classics below: 

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    Basic Balsamic and other Vinaigrettes

    Vegan lemon vinaigrette salad dressing
    Lemon vinaigrette photo by Food Collection / Getty Images

    A basic balsamic vinaigrette is probably the easiest vegan dressing to whip and keep on hand, but as these recipes below prove, they don't have to be boring.

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    Raspberry vinaigrette

    Quick and easy raspberry vinagirette salad dressing - Vegan and homemade. Jean Gill / Getty Images

    I suppose one could lump all types of fruity vinaigrettes into this category - after all there's orange vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette and just about any vinaigrette imaginable, but raspberry deserves a category of it's own (scroll down for more vegan vinaigrettes, though). Whether you use fresh or frozen raspberries, or even just raspberry preserves, making a homemade vegan raspberry vinaigrette is probably easier than you think, if you've never tried it. Here's a few recipes to...MORE try: 

    • Fat-free vegan raspberry vinaigrette
    • Quick and easy 3-ingredient raspberry vinaigrette (pictured)
    • Raspberry vinaigrette with fresh thyme and black pepper
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    Getting creative: Unusual (but delicious!) vegan salad dressings

    Green goddess dressing

    These vegan dressings buck all trends. Get creative, get inspired, and liven up your usual salad:

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    Fat-free vegan salad dressings

    Easy fat-free orange mustard vinaigrette

    No sense making a healthy green salad, then smothering it with a fat-laden unhealthy or sugary dressing! Here's a few fat-free dressings to keep your salads healthy and light:

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    Vegan goddess dressing

    If I had to choose between Thai peanut dressing and goddess dressing for my ultimate favorite best salad dressing, I don't know what I'd do (other than enjoy the taste testing while trying to decide!). Goddess dressing is well loved by vegans and non-vegans alike, and with a sesame and olive oil base, it's usually vegan anyways. Here's a couple versions to try making at home: 

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    Homemade ranch dressing
    Alison Miksch / Getty Images

    After apple pie, baseball and complaining about politicians, ranch dressing is next on the list of the most American things ever. Yes, its usually milky and creamy, but you can indeed make a decent vegan and dairy-free version at home. I strongly prefer homemade vegan ranch dressings to anything you can find at the store. The store-bought ones just aren't that great, in my experience.

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    Asian-inspired dressings: Miso, soy, ginger

    Japanese miso salad dressing
    Japanese miso salad dressing photo by Digipub / Getty Images

    I love Japanese-inspired dressings for something a little bit different! Soy sauce, lime, miso and ginger can  all add fat-free flavor to a dressing, and sesame oil is a nice change from  the usual olive oil. Here's a few Asian-inspired dressings to try:

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    Raw vegan salad dressings

    Miso orange salad dressing - a vegan raw food diet salad dressing recipe
    Miso orange salad dressing - a vegan raw food diet salad dressing recipe.

    Need a raw vegan salad dressing? Use a cold pressed oil to start with, or try a few of these raw vegan recipes: 

    • Miso and orange raw vegan salad dressing (pictured)
    • Raw vegan macadamia nut ranch dressing
    • Raw vegan mustard vinaigrette with agave nectar
    • Raw vegan goddess dressing