Vegetarian and Vegan Chinese Recipes

Chinese meal
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Vegetarian and Vegan Chinese Recipes

A collection of vegetarian Chinese food recipes, nearly all of which are vegan too. If you're a vegetarian who likes eating out at Chinese restaurants, browse through these Chinese food recipes including vegetable dishes, lo mein, vegetarian fried rice, vegetarian egg rolls, Chinese tofu recipes, noodles and Chinese soups and try cooking up some meatless Chinese food at home, whether it's time for Chinese New Year, visiting in-laws or just a midweek meal idea you need.

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Chinese Noodle Recipes

Chow mein, lo mein, bean thread, ramen and more - whatever your favorite kind of noodle is, there's never any reason you need to prepare it with meat! Here are some easy vegetarian Chinese noodle dishes you can prepare at home:

Vegetables and Stir-fries

I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many stir-fries in your life, whether they're authentically Chinese or just tossed together with what you have on hand (or somewhere in between!). Here are some vegetarian and vegan Asian-inspired stir-fries to try at home:

Tofu and Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

Chinese restaurants are where so many of us discover our love of tofu, seitan or other mock meats since they're just so good at preparing them! Here are a few ways to try your hand at Chinese-inspired meat substitutes at home:

Miscellaneous Vegetarian Chinese Food Recipes

Even more homemade Chinese food ideas for vegetarians and vegans: Sauces, rice dishes, soup, dumplings and more: