Vegetarian and Vegan Hangover Cure Foods

Banana fruit smoothie
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Wondering how to cure a hangover as a vegetarian or a vegan? Examine the truth and science behind familiar hangover remedies, and find out which vegetarian and vegan cures work best to cure a hangover.

Hangover Cure #1: Water, Water, Water!

Before we get to the more surprising vegetarian and vegan hangover cures, be sure that whatever you eat for breakfast the morning after, a large amount of water goes down with it.

We'll talk about other liquids that can help later, but first things first, water is important in recovering from a hangover, whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or not! To replenish the sodium and glycogen lost while digesting all those martinis, you can add a tiny bit (about 1/8 teaspoon) of salt and sugar and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. But don't bother searching for a measuring spoon with that banging headache - just put drop a little pinch of each in your water.

Hangover Cure #2: Fruit Juices and Smoothies

Nothing like a giant glass of fresh orange juice when you're hungover, right? But why? It's all in the sugar. The fructose, to be exact. Fructose helps to speed up the metabolism of all those nasty leftover tequila toxins, and the vitamin boost helps, too. Doesn't have to be orange juice, any nourishing fruit juice will do. A fruit-based smoothie will do the same trick, and fill you up a bit more too.

Here are a few juice blends and fruity hangover-cure smoothies to try:

Hangover Cure #3: Bananas and Potatoes

While the idea of eating a banana may make you want to well, either vomit or never drink ever again when you're hungover, bananas are a great vegetarian and vegan hangover cure.

Why? Bananas are rich in potassium, which is one of the electrolytes that your body loses while digesting Long Island Iced Teas the size of Australia.

Greasy potatoes have long been a traditional hangover cure, and, perhaps with good reason. Yes, they feel good and settle your stomach, but they also contain quite a bit of potassium, as long as you keep the skins on. Greasy food, however, doesn't help so keep it simple. Out of bananas and potatoes? Look for these other potassium-rich vegetarian and vegan foods to ease those hangover symptoms: White beans, spinach, and mushrooms. Here are a few breakfast potato recipes that you can serve alongside a sliced banana for a vegetarian hangover-cure breakfast:

Hangover Cure #4: Cysteine

Wait, what? Cysteine? What's that? Cysteine is a substance found in plenty of foods that helps to break down toxins in the liver. It's found in eggs, which may explain why greasy eggs have long been a folk remedy cure, but, don't worry vegans, it's also found in red pepper, garlic, onions, and broccoli. Fancy a vegetable stir-fry with bell pepper and broccoli for a hangover cure breakfast?

Here are a few more cysteine-rich breakfast ideas:

Hangover Cure #5: Sports Drinks

Sports drinks work by replenishing electrolytes lost while drinking, making you feel better quick. Adding a bit of salt and sugar to water works similarly. Rehydration may be key to curing hangovers, but sports drinks and water also help move the alcohol through your system quicker by diluting all those little remnants that are still hovering in your tummy and making it angry. Watch out for caffeine in sports drinks, as while caffeinated drinks may make you feel better temporarily, they'll only extend your hangover and delay your recovery.