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With the explosion of vegetarian and vegan news and recipe magazines, you should be able to find a publication to meet your needs, whether you are a new or experienced vegetarian or vegan. Some of these magazines are print versions found in well-stocked health food stores or larger bookstores; others are interactive electronic publications found online. Some are both. All carry recipes, feature articles, and information on a plant-based lifestyle.​

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    VegNews Magazine

    VegNews Magazine is a colorful publication filled with plenty of photos and a variety of articles. There are interviews with celebrity vegetarians and vegans, news features, city spotlights and, of course, lots of recipes, usually with a theme. It also carries articles about vegan products and lifestyle choices. You can subscribe to the print version or read many of its offerings on its website.

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    Vegetarian Times

    Vegetarian Times has moved from a print publication to an online publication with an option for a premium ad-free online subscription and access to their back issues. Probably the best known of the vegetarian magazines, Vegetarian Times is marketed to readers who are new to vegetarianism or natural foods and living. The recipes are usually straightforward with everyday ingredients, and the incredible presentation and photography inspire you to try every dish. Each issue features vegan and vegetarian recipes. The recipes are indexed for nutritional content and labeled as lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian or vegan. They often feature articles about organic living, vegetarian travel, and other related topics.

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    Natural Health Magazine

    If you can't choose between subscriptions to Vegetarian Times and Yoga Journal, check out Natural Health magazine, which covers both healthy foods and fitness. Its target audience is women, and though it focuses on health and general wellness rather than vegetarianism, there's much to be learned from Natural Health magazine. This U.K. publication offers subscriptions to its print magazine in other countries, including the U.S.

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    The Vegan Magazine

    The Vegan Magazine is an incredibly informative publication that covers news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and—of course—healthy and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegetarian celebs, and summer festivals. Just for fun, there's often a comics and crossword section. You can find this magazine in health food centers across the U.K., or you can subscribe to the print or electronic versions by joining the Vegan Society. 

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    Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

    The Vegan Health & Fitness magazine includes features on vegan athletes and health science along with recipes and articles on whole food. The Vegan Health & Fitness magazine publishes four print issues a year. A subscription includes access to the subscriber content on the website, including digital issues. Copies of the magazine are also available at many stores in the U.S.

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    Vegetarian Journal

    The Vegetarian Journal is a publication of the Vegetarian Resource Group. The magazine comes out four times a year and includes, in addition to recipes, features as diverse as vegetarianism in other countries, book reviews, vegan cooking tips. A subscription includes four current issues a year. Archived issues for several years can be downloaded from the journal website at no cost.

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    Vegan Life

    Vegan Life is packed with information for both long-standing vegans and those who are looking to find out more about a plant-based diet. Articles cover recipes and vegan lifestyle topics. Vegan Life offers both print and digital subscriptions on its website. Single back issues are for sale there as well.

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    Vegan Food and Living

    Vegan Food and Living is packed with seasonal recipes and features that include diverse topics of interest to vegans such as skincare products, ethical alcohol, and bios of dedicated vegans. The magazine is a U.K. publication that sells print subscriptions to U.S. readers on its website.

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    Veggie Magazine

    Veggie magazine is packed with recipes, lifestyle, fashion and beauty articles and includes features on interiors, kitchens, and gardening. Celebrity columnists and an emphasis on natural, healthy food provide an indispensable guide for vegetarians. Veggie is available as a print subscription and as a digital app for iOS, Kindle, and Android mobile devices. 

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    VegWorld is an interactive electronic magazine dedicated to inspiring entertaining and educating reads about plant-based living. Most issues include a spotlight on an interesting or well-known vegan, many recipes, information for new vegans and health-related articles.