Vegetarian and Vegan Thai Recipes

Thai pumpkin curry with green beans and sprouts, rice
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Thai food is a great option for vegetarians and vegans, both when eating out and at home. Thai curries are fragrantly spiced but can be simple to make at home with pre-made curry pastes. Besides curries, Thai cuisine is filled with rice, vegetable, noodle dishes and lots of rich and delicious sauces.

If you like vegetarian Thai food, scroll through this collection of vegetarian and vegan Thai food recipes, including tofu curries, vegetable curries, vegetarian pad Thai and more easy, quick and simple vegetarian Thai food recipes, and, if you like exploring new vegetarian foods and cuisines, check out more vegetarian recipes from around the world, including Indian food, Indonesian food, Japanese and more right here.

Vegan Thai Curries

Most of these Thai curry recipes can be made with whatever ingredients you like: tofu, vegetables, your favorite meat substitute, chopped pumpkin or sweet potatoes - really just about anything. Thai curries are always vegan (if they're vegetarian) and most are gluten-free (but watch out for soy sauce). Here are a few simple vegetarian and vegan Thai curry recipes to get you started:

Vegetarian and Vegan Thai Noodle Dishes

Just about everyone has heard of the famous Pad Thai noodle dish, which can be found just about everywhere in Thailand. But when exploring Thai cuisine, your options go way beyond Pad Thai. Most Thai food restaurants will have at least a couple vegetarian noodle dishes on the menu, and if you're vegan, they'll be happy to make it for you without egg. Here are a few simple Thai noodle recipes to try at home:

Thai Vegetable Dishes and Salads

Thai food in Thailand incorporates many local vegetables, plenty of chilis and fresh herbs such as basil, with spicy salads made from unripened papayas and mangos. These simplified Thai vegetable and salad recipes use elements of Thai cooking with ingredients which are more readily accessible. 

Miscellaneous Vegetarian and Thai Food Recipes