Mouthwatering Vegetarian Bean Dip Recipes

Bean dip with garlic and white beans
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Sample this variety of homemade vegetarian bean dip recipes, from basic to gourmet! Vegetarian bean dip is a classic appetizer that just about everyone loves, and it's a great simple source of low-fat protein for vegetarians. A couple of these bean dip recipes are vegan as well. Sure, anyone could just pop open a can of bean dip from the local grocery store, but why not try making one at home?

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    Vegetarian Seven-Layer Bean Dip

    Seven layer dip

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    It's not technically a bean dip, but it's made with beans, and it's a dip. Therefore, this easy vegetarian seven-layer dip belongs on this list of easy homemade bean dip recipes. The seven layers are made of beans, cheese, sour cream, taco sauce, green chilies, green onions, and a meat substitute. This delicious dip has a lovely presentation to boot!

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    Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Bean Dip

    White bean dip

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    This gourmet twist on traditional bean dip has white beans, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese. Season it with salt and black pepper, and garnish with extra fresh parsley. This sun dried tomato and goat cheese bean dip is perfect for making gourmet vegetarian sandwiches, serving it as an appetizer, or substituting it for hummus with pita or veggies.

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    Vegan Chili "Cheese" Dip

    Mexican cheese and chilies dip and fried tortillas

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    Vegans will enjoy this dairy-free vegan chili cheese dip recipe that is super-quick and easy to prepare. For those who use a prepared vegetarian chili, then this classic vegan and dairy-free bean dip recipe will take just 30 seconds to prepare.

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    White Bean Dip With Fresh Herbs

    White Bean Dip

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    Made with Great Northern white beans and plenty of fresh herbs for flavor, this is a different kind of bean dip. Purée all the ingredients together in a blender or food processor for a quick appetizer dip for crackers or pita bread. Or spread it on bread with some tomatoes and veggies for a vegetarian sandwich. This white bean dip with fresh herbs is also vegan.

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    Garbanzo Bean and Pesto Dip

    Vegetarian bean dip with pesto

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    A variation on the usual vegetarian bean dip recipes, this bean dip is made with pesto sauce and sour cream for a gourmet twist. This garbanzo bean and pesto dip would also make an excellent spread for a vegetarian sandwich.

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    Black Beans Con Queso Dip

    black bean cheese queso dip

    Bush's Beans

    This black beans con queso dip is a recipe for the cheese lovers out there. This is an indulgent cheesy bean dip recipe that people on a low-fat diet may want to avoid! Feel free to add on any extra toppings not included in this recipe.

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    Vegetarian Chili Cheese Dip

    Chili cheese dip

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    This classic vegetarian chili bean dip with extra cheese is perfect for lounging in front of the TV or for munching on as a casual vegetarian appetizer. This vegetarian bean dip is a cheesy, classic, Mexican appetizer perfect for the Super Bowl or for movie nights.