Update: Vegetarian Chicken has arrived at KFC - and it tastes great!

KFC Veggie Burger

The verdict is in! While it may not be good for your body, it's a consensus that the new vegetarian "chicken" available at KFC restaurants in Canada are great for your tastebuds - and taste just like real chicken! Although the bun it comes with contains some trace dairy products and it's usually served with mayonnaise, vegans can ask for no mayo and get it in a wrap rather than on a bun for a fully vegan version. KFC, if you're reading this, the rest of the world would love to try these new menu items too! Lucky Canada! Here's what some of you Canadians have had to say about the new vegetarian "chicken" at KFC Canada:


"Just got home from KFC here in Toronto, and devoured two of these babies in about 5 minutes. They’re really really good, surprisingly. Tastes exactly like the KFC chicken sandwiches that I remember eating many years ago. A little heavy on the mayo though, but c’est la vie.""I had the veg chicken burger today, it was really good. I actually couldn't believe that it wasn't chicken."
"I tried it last night. Yes I’m sure it’s terrible (for your health), and yes it’s probably fried with the real chicken, but it was so so delicious."
"I had the veggie chicken sandwich today and it was SO good! It brought back memories of eating KFC many many years ago before I became vegetarian. The taste was exactly how I remembered. I’m sure it’s not good for you…but it sure tasted good!"

The main concern amongst us vegetarians seems to be whether or not these vegetarian "chicken" sandwiches are prepared alongside the regular chicken and are thus coated in real chicken grease or oil. Can any of you lucky Canadians find out how the vegan chicken is being prepared and let us all know?