Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Millet Recipes

We love cooking with millet, and after trying a few of these vegetarian and vegan millet recipes, you will top. Perhaps you've seen millet next to the other more familiar whole grains in the bulk section of your local co-op or natural grocer and been tempted by the super-low price. If you're wondering what to do with millet, then you've come to the right place. 

Is millet the new quinoa? At about a quarter of the price, it sure does make a great substitute! While millet contains less protein than quinoa, it's more affordable, just as versatile, and is vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. If you haven't already tried a few millet recipes, browse through this collection of millet ideas and start cooking!

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    Millet Patties

    Homemade vegan millet patties recipe

    ​The Spruce Eats / Anastasiia Tretiak

    This recipe for millet patties is a basic vegetarian millet patty, so you may want to spice them up a bit. Topping them off with salsa? Add Mexican spices such as chili powder and cumin. Using them for veggie burgers? Add some "meatier" spices such as paprika or a barbecue rub. We like them drizzled with tahini for a Middle Eastern-inspired dish. Aren't they tempting looking?

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    Baked Millet Gratin Casserole

    Baked millet casserole
    Zoryana Ivchenko / Getty Images

    We weren't quite sure what to expect when my friend's kids asked to try this baked millet gratin casserole. We told them it was similar to our quinoa macaroni and cheese, which they've tried and really liked, and hoped for the best. The verdict? They said it was "really good". It's a bit of a "kitchen sink" recipe, with everything from vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, cheese, and milk tossed into the mix. 

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    Gluten-Free Millet Tabbouleh

    Millet Tabbouleh
    Roche, Amélie / Getty Images

    Like other whole grains, millet makes a great tabbouleh in place of the traditional bulgur wheat, and, of course, millet is gluten-free, making this healthy tabbouleh completely wheat-free. This gluten-free millet tabbouleh recipe comes from a gluten-free cooking expert. It's spiced with lemon pepper and paprika and is piled high with the usual tabbouleh ingredients, including Italian parsley and Roma tomatoes.

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    Pan-Fried Millet Patties With Pesto

    Pan-Fried Millet Patties
    Streim, Mariola / Getty Images

    Mushrooms, celery, and breadcrumbs round out these tasty macrobiotic pan-fried millet patties with pesto. They're made with cooked millet, so keep this recipe handy for when you have any leftover cooked millet you need to use up.