Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World!

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    Vegetarian and Vegan Japanese Food

    Japanese food has plenty to offer for the vegetarian and vegan eater! Here's a few Japanese food recipes to introduce you the meatless options in Japanese cuisine. Of course, my favorite thing about being a vegetarian when visiting Japan is the vegetarian sushi that seems to be everywhere!

    If you're eating out at a Japanese restaurant, you're bound to find some seaweed or tofu salads, vegetable tempura, miso soup (watch out for fish in the broth though, you probably need to ask), and of course edamame. If you're lucky, you'll also find vegetarian noodle dishes, dumplings (called gyoza) and vegetarian sushi.

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    Vegetarian Vietnamese Food


    Vegetarian Vietnamese Food Recipes

    Admittedly, Vietnam is not widely known for it's excellent vegetarian food, but there are quite a few creative vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam, and many classics, such as pho, glass noodle salads, and fresh summer rolls, can easily be made without meat.

    Get inspired with this collection of vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese food recipes.

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    Vegetarian Indian Food Recipes

    Vegetarian Indian Food Recipes

    Indian food is highly regarded as a great global cuisine option for vegetarians and vegans, and nearly all Indian food restaurants will have a number of options including vegetable curries, lots of lentil and bean dishes, 

    In the United States, I've found that many Indian restaurants use olive oil in place of the traditional ghee (butter), but vegans may want to double check.

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    Vegetarian Indonesian Food

    Tofu satay

    Vegetarian Indonesian Food Recipes

    As a visitor, I didn't find a wide variety of vegetarian options in Indonesia, but the food I did have was absolutely delicious: fresh and filling salads, plenty of rice and vegetable options, gado gado salad, and, my favorite, tempeh satay in peanut sauce.

    Link: Vegetarian Indonesian food recipes

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    Vegetarian Thai Food Recipes

    Like Indian food, Thai food is well known for being friendly to vegetarians and vegans. If you're traveling to Thailand, watch out for fish sauce, called "nam pla" in Thai, which is in just about everything, but is easily substituted with soy sauce upon request. When making Thai food at home, there's so many possibilities! Noodle dishes, a rainbow of curries, spring rolls, glass noodle salads, papaya and mango dishes, coconut soups and rice dishes are just the beginning!

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    Vegetarian Chinese Food

    Vegetarian Chinese Food

    Chinese food is a great option for vegetarians and vegans! In China, you'll find quite a few all-vegetarian restaurants (usually associated with a temple or religious community), though many non-vegetarian restaurants may offer few options. Back home in the US and the UK, Chinese restaurants vary with how friendly they are to vegetarians and vegans. Most will have several options at a minimum, and some will have dozens of choices or entirely separate vegetarian menus, if you're lucky!

    If you want to try some cooking up some Chinese food at home, try some of these vegetarian and vegan Chinese food recipes

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    More vegetarian and vegan recipes


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