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Vegetarian Sauces & Dip Recipes

Make creamy, satisfying sauces and dips without meat and other animal products, including hummus, vegetarian pasta sauces and more.
Homemade Taco Sauce
Taco Sauce Recipe
Vegan Sweetened Condensed Milk
Vegan Condensed Milk
Creamy jalapeno sauce and chips
Creamy Jalapeño Sauce
roasted tomato sauce
Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe
Easy vegan bruschetta recipe
Easy Vegan Bruschetta
Vegan Pesto
Vegan Pesto
Easy homemade caramel sauce recipe poured on top of ice cream
Easy Caramel Sauce Made With Milk
Easy Cherry Sauce
Easy Cherry Sauce
Low-fat oil free tahini free hummus in a bowl with crackers and cucumbers on a plate
Oil-Free, Tahini-Free Low-Fat Hummus
Spaghetti Sauce With Vegetables
Tomato Sauce With Fresh Vegetables and Basil
Vegan olive tapenade
Vegan Olive Tapenade
White Pizza Sauce
White Pizza Sauce
Quick Vegetarian 7-Layer Dip for a Party (With Variations)
Quick Vegetarian 7-Layer Dip for a Party (With Variations)
Zucchini Baba Ganoush
Zucchini Baba Ganoush Recipe
Easy Vegan Spinach Dip
Easy Vegan Spinach Dip
Vegan miso salad dressing
Japanese Vegan Miso Salad Dressing
Bowl of tzatziki with cucumbers and mint
Vegan Tzatziki
Tagliatelle al ragu being served at a table
Pasta Sauce, Gravy or Ragu'?
Thousand Island dressing in a small dish
Vegan Thousand Island Salad Dressing
Cashew butter
Homemade Cashew Butter for Vegans
Cucumber raita
Cucumber Raita Recipe
Vegan lemon vinaigrette dressing
Vegan Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing
Homemade cheese and wine fondue recipe
Easy Homemade Cheese and Wine Fondue Recipe
Pomegranates, with jelly and a pitcher
Pomegranate Jelly Recipe
Homemade kale pesto
Vegan Kale and Basil Pesto
Dairy Free Salsa Con Queso
A raw salad of cabbage and carrots with lots of raw goddess dressing
Raw Vegan Goddess Dressing
Directly Above Shot Of Mustard In Bowl On Table
Hot Mustard Dip for Egg Rolls
Vegan Ranch Dressing
Vegan Ranch Dressing
Whipped cream in bowl on a wooden table
Vegan Tofu Whipped Cream
Sweet Potato Dip
Sweet Potato Dip
Vegetarian Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce
Vegetarian Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce
Quick and Simple Raw Vegan Salsa
Quick and Simple Raw Vegan Salsa
Gorgonzola and mascarpone sauce over fettuccine pasta
Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Pasta Sauce Recipe
White Bean Hummus Dip (Gluten-free)
White Bean Hummus Dip (Gluten-free)
Vegan Spinach Cashew Pesto
Vegan Spinach Cashew Pesto
Dairy-Free Queso Dip
Dairy-Free Queso Dip
Mexican enchilada sauce
Vegan Enchilada Sauce
Child's Hands Rolling an Apple in a Bowl of Caramel
Vegan Caramel Dip
Easy Indian Gravy
Easy Indian Gravy
Chicken skewer dipped in traditional Thai peanut sauce in a white bowl
Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce With Sesame Oil
Lime agave salad dressing
Easy Lime Agave Salad Dressing
Basic vegan gravy
Basic Vegan Gravy
Chicken satay and peanut sauce
Easy Peanut Sauce With Five Ingredients
Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Easy Dijon Vinaigrette
Easy vegan coconut satay recipe
Easy Vegan Tofu Satay in Coconut Sauce
Vegan and Vegetarian Miso Gravy
Vegan and Vegetarian Miso Gravy
Vegan pesto without nuts (French pistou)
Vegan Pesto Without Nuts (French Pistou)
Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe
Egg-Free Vegan Mayonnaise
Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy in a pan with a wooden spoon
Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy
Thai peanut sauce with ginger recipe
Thai Peanut Sauce With Ginger
Vegan mushroom cream sauce
Vegan Mushroom Cream Sauce For Pasta
Morel Mushroom Sauce for Steaks, Chops, and Roasts
Morel Mushroom Sauce for Steaks, Chops, and Roasts
Vegetarian cashew sauce
Vegetarian Cashew Gravy Recipe
Vegetarian and vegan pate made from walnuts and tofu
Vegan Walnut Mushroom Paté
Walnut sauce (salsa di noci) on tortellini
Walnut Sauce for Pasta and Gnocchi (Salsa di noci)
Besciamella sauce (white sauce)
Step-by-Step: How to Make Besciamella (White Sauce)
Baba ganoush in a bowl with pita bread wedges
Vegan, Gluten-Free Baba Ghanoush Without Tahini
Fresh basil pesto
Pesto Alla Genovese (Classic Basil Pesto) Recipe
Tomato sauce with basil leaves
Simple Tomato Sauce