5 Vegetarian Stuffed Tomato Recipes

Never tried stuffing a tomato before? Try some of these healthy and low-fat recipes for vegetarian stuffed tomatoes (many—though not all—of these recipes are dairy-free and vegan as well). You could also try using these recipes to make stuffed bell peppers instead of tomatoes, though you may need to increase the quantity of the stuffing in order to fill the peppers.

Another quick tip: if you can't get your stuffed tomatoes to stand up in the baking pan, try placing them in a lightly greased muffin tin if they are small enough. They'll stand up perfectly and not collapse—it really works!

When making stuffed tomatoes, how much to stuff is really a personal preference, and may depend on how juicy your tomatoes are. Fresh and somewhat firm beefsteak tomatoes are best for stuffing, but really almost any kind will do.

Don't want to follow a recipe? Try using just about any quinoa salad, leftover rice, risotto or even leftover paella to make vegetarian stuffed tomatoes for an entree, side or appetizer. 

Here are a few ways to make a vegetarian or vegan entree out of stuffed tomatoes.

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    Classic Parmesan and Breadcrumb Stuffed Tomatoes

    Parmesan and Panko Stuffed Tomatoes
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    Use panko or regular breadcrumbs, fresh grated Parmesan (or Romano) cheese, toss it all together with some Italian seasonings and dump it on top of a tomato. See, I told you it's not hard to make stuffed tomatoes! If you want a little more depth, add some frozen green peas or maybe some lightly browned vegetarian meat substitute, but these breadcrumb and Parmesan vegetarian stuffed tomatoes are also delicious just as they are. 

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    Vegan Stuffed Tomatoes With Green Peas and Rice

    Vegan Stuffed Tomatoes with Green Peas and Rice
    Stuffed tomatoes with rice by flickr user Tambako

    You can indeed make vegan stuffed tomatoes with vegan cheese. This vegan stuffed tomatoes recipe is made with simple ingredients: leftover rice, chopped onion and bell peppers and seasoned with a little garlic powder. It's another one that won't be winning any gourmet food awards​ but will get a simple, healthy and satisfying dinner on the table. 

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    Pesto and Breadcrumbs Stuffed Tomatoes

    Pesto and breadcrumbs stuffed tomatoes
    Pesto and breadcrumb stuffed tomato photo by flickr user Ivy

    One of the things I love best about making stuffed tomatoes is that you can literally stuff them with anything, including leftover quinoa, leftover rice, leftover fried rice or even baked beans. In this super easy stuffed tomatoes recipe, all you need is pesto and breadcrumbs. Boom. Done. This stuffed tomato recipe comes from Ben, who makes them for dinner for himself, and calls them "cupcakes" since he likes to "frost" them, rather than stuff them. 

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    Italian Stuffed Tomatoes With Beans

    Pomodori Ripeni
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    This is another example of just how easy it can be to make stuffed tomatoes. This vegetarian stuffed tomato recipe calls for canned baked beans which are brought to life with fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes for an end result which doesn't feel like it uses any canned ingredients at all, yet takes only a few minutes to get in the oven. 

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    Simple Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

    Stuffed Tomatoes with rice
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    Got leftover or pre-cooked rice? Spruce it up with some chopped onion and allspice, and you've got yourself a vegan stuffed tomato dinner in no time flat. This may not be the most exciting stuffed tomato recipe on the list, but the unusual spices make it a nice variation, and it's great if you don't have much other than some rice and tomatoes on hand and need a vegan dinner idea. 

More Vegetarian and Vegan Dinner Ideas

Vegetarian stuffed tomatoes are a great vegetarian dinner idea, but you can't have them every night (well, you can if you want to— we won't judge you!). Here are some more simple vegetarian dinner ideas to help you get a healthy and home-cooked meal on the table without too much fuss.