Gluten-Free Vegetarian (And Vegan) Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Gluten-free vegan stuffing with rice
Gluten-free vegan stuffing with rice.

What to do if you can't eat meat, dairy, eggs or gluten when the holidays roll around? If you are planning a vegetarian and gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner, or even a gluten-free and vegan Thanksgiving meal, here are the Thanksgiving menu ideas you need. Scroll through main dish recipes, sides and stuffing recipes, and of course, gluten-free desserts for your vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free Thanksgiving.

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Gluten-free Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish Recipes

Unfortunately, most vegetarian turkey substitutes are not gluten-free, which means a Tofurky (or similar) is out. But many vegetarians and vegans don't want a Tofurky for Thanksgiving anyways. Try a fall-themed entree such as stuffed squash, rice with cranberries or anything pumpkin. Here's a few gluten-free vegan Thanksgiving entrees to choose from:

    Gluten-free (and vegan!) Cranberry Sauce Recipes:

    It shouldn't be hard to find a gluten-free cranberry sauce recipe. Here's a few classics:

    Gluten-free Potato and Sweet Potato Recipes

    Many traditional Thanksgiving potato recipes are already gluten-free but do need to be veganized.

    Watch out for marshmallows!

    Gluten-free Thanksgiving Sides and Stuffing Recipes

    A gluten-free vegan stuffing is indeed possible. You can use a gluten-free bread, or, swap out the bread for rice or quinoa. Here's a few more ideas to try:

    Gluten-free Thanksgiving Desserts

    Pumpkin pie can easily made gluten-free for a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, but you'll need a gluten-free pie crust. Browse some of our other favorite gluten-free dessert ideas below.  

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