Vegetarian and Vegan Tofu Stir-fry Recipes

Looking for a good tofu stir-fry recipe? Here's a collection of dozens of easy and fun stir-fried tofu ideas from around the world, perfect for vegetarian, vegan and health-conscious home cooks. Many of these recipes are gluten-free as well (just watch out for soy sauce or use tamari instead).

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    Tofu Cashew "Chicken" Recipe

    Tofu cashew "chicken" - vegetarian and vegan

    With bamboo shoots, celery and cashews, this is a more traditional vegetarian-ized Chinese stir-fry recipe (as opposed to a more basic tofu and veggies stir-fry which will really kick your tofu stir-fry repertoire up a notch. Other than the bamboo shoots and cashews, this vegetarian and vegan recipe has all the usual stir-fry ingredients, including soy sauce and garlic. 

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    Simple Vegan Tofu and Vegetable Stir-Fry with Ginger

    Vegan tofu and vegetable stir-fry with ginger
    Vegan tofu and vegetable stir-fry with ginger.

    The basic ingredients of any vegetarian or vegan tofu stir-fry recipe are tofu, vegetables, usually garlic and onions, oil to cook it all up in, and something to season it with. Either a sauce, spices, or both. And this easy tofu stir fry with ginger calls for just that: tofu, veggies, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and onions. No more, no less. It's a basic, simple homemade recipe to get you used to the process of making a vegetarian stir-fry. 

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    Vegan Tofu Stir-fry with Vegetables in Peanut Sauce

    Vegetarian and vegan tofu stir-fry in peanu sauce

    After peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter in a spicy, tangy, salty peanut sauce has to be one of the greatest food combinations known to humanity. I'm constantly looking for more ways to use peanut sauce, and in a tofu and vegetable stir-fry is the perfect solution. This tofu stir-fry in peanut sauce recipe combines tofu, bell peppers, snow peas and mushrooms in a spicy Sriracha-flavored peanut sauce. Yum. 

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    Broccoli and Tofu Stir-Fry in Chinese Restaurant-Style Garlic Sauce

    Broccoli and tofu stir-fry in Chinese restaurant-style garlic sauce
    Broccoli and tofu stir-fry in Chinese restaurant-style garlic sauce.

    This Chinese-restaurant style broccoli and tofu dish is a stir-fry recipe with lots and lots of sauce, which just makes it perfect for pairing with steamed white rice or any whole grain you like (quinoa, millet or whatever is the "whole grain du jour" these days!). There's really not too much to this recipe: just broccoli, tofu, garlic, soy sauce, and cornstarch to thicken the sauce. 

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    Swiss Chard and Tofu Stir-Fry

    Tofu and Swiss chard vegetable stir-fry
    Tofu and Swiss chard vegetable stir-fry.

    One of the great things about tofu stir-fries is that they make a super quick vegetarian and vegan (and usually gluten-free, too) meal suitable for just about everyone. Some of the tofu stir-fries on this list require several steps but this one is super simple. It calls for nothing more than greens, garlic, soy sauce (use tamari or Bragg's liquid aminos to keep is gluten-free) and, of course, tofu. 

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    Chinese Kung Pao Tofu with Snow Peas

    Vegetarian and vegan kung pao tofu
    Like Chinese kung pao chicken? Try this vegetarian and vegan kung pao tofu!.

    The Spruce / Jolinda Hackett 

    There's plenty of veggies in this tofu stir fry recipe for Chinese-style kung pao tofu, including mushrooms, bok choy and snow peas. It goes a bit above and beyond your usual basic tofu stir-fry recipe, with the recipe calling for the tofu to be marinated and then baked before being added to the vegetable stir-fry, to give it an extra chicken-like flavor and consistency. 

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    ...even more vegetarian stir-fry recipes

    Bok choy and mushroom vegetable stir-fry over quinoa
    Bok choy and mushroom vegetable stir-fry over quinoa.

    But don't limit yourself to just tofu when making a vegetarian or vegan tofu stir-fry for dinner! There's also tempeh, seitan, hemp tofu and store-bought meat substitutes to add protein to your stir-fries, or, you can always make a delicious vegetable stir-fry without a meat substitute as in this pictured bok choy and mushroom stir-fry over quinoa

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    ...and even more tofu recipes!

    Panko coated tofu recipe

    If you're eating vegetarian or vegan and don't already love tofu, you're missing out (at least in my opinion, but there's no rule that you have to eat tofu if you're vegetarian!). It's cheap, it's versatile, it's full of protein and fiber, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Don't believe me? Browse through this tofu recipe collection to check out some of the incredible things you can do with tofu.