Vegetarian Tomato Soup Recipes

A collection of simple, healthy and easy homemade vegetarian and vegan tomato soup recipes including ways to add flavor to canned tomato soup, gourmet sun-dried tomato soup, low-fat tomato soups and more.

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    Use the freshest, reddest, vine-ripe organic tomatoes you can find in this easy homemade vegan tomato soup recipe, as with little extra added flavor, it's a great way to show them off. Same with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil - if you've got a top-notch bottle sitting in your cupboard, this is the time to use it! For a bumper crop of fresh tomatoes sitting in your garden, this tomato soup recipe will do you well.
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    Tomato carrot soup topped off with tempeh - a healthy whole foods meal.

    A garden vegetable soup recipe with carrots, onions and added tempeh to give it a protein boost for vegetarians, vegans and of course meatless Monday! For the kids, serve it with a vegan grilled cheese for a classic American lunch for vegetarians and vegans.

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    Vegetarian Tuscan bean soup
    Vegetarian Tuscan bean soup.
    Ah, sun-dried tomatoes! Adding them to anything makes it instantly gourmet! Why not try sun-fried tomatoes in tomato soup? This recipe is simple yet elegant, and reminiscent of a traditional Italian Tuscan soup. Made with chickpeas, small shell pasta, rosemary and drizzled with a touch of olive oil, this vegetarian tomato soup can be an entire healthy meal.
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    Tomato soup with barley
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    This meatless low-fat tomato soup recipe combines the best of all possible soups - barley soup, tomato soup and vegetable soup! It's a simple homemade soup recipe with basic ingredients for when you want a more filling tomato soup recipe that's more of a complete meal. I love the combination of barley with just about everything, and this tomato soup recipe is no exception. It's incredibly comforting, and filling enough for a full meal if paired with a salad or bread. The recipe calls for spinach, but I've also made it using Swiss chard, which is another excellent and nutritious green leafy vegetable.

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    Unlike most other tomato soup recipes, this one starts with canned tomato sauce, and enlivens it with added ingredients to make this tomato soup semi-homemade, and to stretch your dollar a bit. This vegetarian and vegan tomato soup recipe is a great way to use up that leftover rice or another whole grain that you've been staring at in your refrigerator.

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    Tomato Basil Soup

    This is a hearty homemade vegetarian cream of tomato soup recipe made with fresh tomatoes, onion, fresh basil and topped with fresh diced avocado and sour cream.

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    Tomato Soup
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    Most gazpacho soup recipes are tomato-based, though some gourmet gazpacho recipes use cucumber, watermelon, grapefruit or avocado as a base. Gazpacho is a Spanish soup, served chilled, and is an excellent low-calorie starter for a dinner, and also work well served with bread for a light and healthy lunch. I love a cool gazpacho eaten outdoors on a warm summer evening.

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    Miso Soup
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    Looking to try something other than a homemade tomato soup? Look no further! This collection of homemade vegetarianĀ soups has a little something for everyone, including homemade miso soup recipes, bean soup recipes and more.
    Pictured: Basic Vegetarian Miso Soup