Traditional and Modern Venezuelan Recipes

Venezuelan Recipes That Will Have You Cooking Like a Native

Venezuelan food is coastal, Andean, and tropical with European influences (especially Italian, Spanish, and French) as well as traditional dishes from native cultures, and Africa. Each region of Venezuela puts its own spin on the same dish.

In general, coconut, plantains, seafood, goat, corn, and pasta dishes are all part of the mix that makes up Venezuelan cuisine.

Along the coastline, fish, shellfish, fish soups, fish stews, and dishes with coconut are abundant. In the mountainous regions of the Andes, the food is quite different.

Whereas arepas (a type of bread or pancake) are traditionally made with cornmeal everywhere else in Venezuela, in the Andes, they are made with wheat. Also common in the Andes are cured meats and sausages and freshwater trout from the many Andean lakes and streams.

In the tropical regions of the Amazon, yucca, corn, beans, bananas, turtles, tapirs, monkeys, birds, and deep-fried ants are the order of the day. A typical bread is casabe, made out of yucca flour. 

Known for the high quality of its beef and low prices, Venezuelans boast parillas (mixed grill), muchacho (roast beef), solomo (sirloin), and ​lomito (steak).