Vermont Local Foods

Guide to Vermont Specialties and Favorites

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Vermont local foods are more than maple syrup (although that maple syrup they tap there is pretty darn good!). Find great local foods in Vermont below and email me to tell me what I've missed!

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    Vermont Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

    Vermont has a short growing season, but its bounty can be extraordinary. Learn what to expect when from Vermont farms and gardens with this Guide to Vermont Seasonal Produce.

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    Vermont Farmers Markets

    Beets and Carrots at Market
    Beets and Carrots at Market. Photo © Molly Watson

    Vermont may be a small state, but it has plenty of farmers markets - some with impressively long seasons. Find a market near you with the resources in this Guide to Vermont Farmers Markets.

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    Vermont Blueberries!

    Blueberries. Photo © Molly Watson

    Wild blueberries thrive in the woods of Vermont. Farmers have taken advantage of this native plant and cultivate blueberries too. Find great ways to use bounteous blueberries here or check out the Deerfield, Vermont Blueberry Festival every summer to celebrate these tart blue orbs.

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    Vermont Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup and Pancakes
    Maple Syrup. Photo © Alexandra Grablewski

    Vermont is most famous food-wise for its high-quality maple syrup. The warmer days and still cold nights of early spring make the sap run in maple trees. Tapping that sap and cooking it down into syrup, sugar, and candies.

    Learn how what goes into making maple syrup at Mount Pleasant Sugarworks in Leicester, Vermont. During maple sugaring season you can gather sap and stoke the wood-fired evaporator.

    If you'd rather just watch, check out Morse Farm with maple tours and tastings.

    For devoted maple fans, the Vermont Maple Festival happens every late April/early May.

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    Vermont Cheese

    Organic Vermont Cheddar Cheese
    Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images

    Vermont is home to many dairies and cheesemakers, such as Cabot Creamery, Grafton Cheese Company, Jasper Hill Farm, Twig Farm, and Vermont Butter and Cheese Company.