Vision Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Vision Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill
Vision Grills

A Kamado style grill is a very simple thing. Heavy yes, but not complicated. This can make it difficult for anyone wishing to manufacture a Kamado grill and wants to be able to differentiate their product. For Vision Grills, this is accomplished by loading their grill with features. This Kamado grill features an electric charcoal starter system (a standard electric starter coil that fits into a door above the bottom vent). It comes standard with a wheeled cart, fold-down side tables, dial style vents, and a removable ash catcher. A super loaded Kamado for around $700 USD and available in many locations. What this is, is a mass market Kamado grill that loses the simplicity and quality for gadgets.

  • Ceramic shell holds heat for even cooking

  • Excellent ventilation gives you great heat control

  • Works great as a smoker

  • Can be shut down to snuff out remaining charcoal

  • Sacrifices a level of quality for lots of gimmicks


  • 18-inch diameter grilling area
  • 280 square inches primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 604 square inches
  • Electric starter ignition system included
  • Top and bottom dial vents
  • Ceramic body with enameled steel parts
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Spring-loaded lid
  • Comes with two wooden side tables
  • Made in China 


Of all the ceramic kamado grills to hit the market in recent years, this might be one of the most innovative. Take the ignition system for instance. With most kamado grills, lighting the charcoal is up to the user though they all recommend never using lighter fluid. With the Vision grill, there is a door in the front of the unit into which can be placed an electric charcoal starter (nicely included). Plug it in and the charcoal inside will be burning in about 10 minutes. Pull out the starter coil, close the door and grill.

While not a dramatic improvement to the kamado grill it is a nice feature. On the other hand, it is an opening in the grill body and though it closes pretty tightly it leaks a little air in and some condensation out. The perfect kamado grill, with the lid closed, is airtight except for the intake and top vent. Putting holes the body requires extreme care and to help this grill have all the extra features at a price lower than the competition certain sacrifices had to be taken.

This grill also uses an innovative numbered dial vent system which makes it a little easier to know exactly where to set the vents for specific temperatures. After a few uses, you should be able to hit the temperatures you are looking for fairly consistently. Of course, with charcoal, there are always variations, but it can simplify the process.

This is also an all-inclusive kamado grill. While many manufacturers sell their grill at just the grill, with tables, nests, all the extras as extras, Vision puts together a nice package so you can get pretty much everything you need in a single order. My only concern is the limits of the quality of construction. If you have this grill it will need some extra care to protect it from the elements. There are other great charcoal grills on the market if this isn't your flavor.