Vita Mix Blender Review

vitamix blender
Vita Mix Blender. Vita-Mix Corporation

The Bottom Line

I am a big fan of the Vita Mix blenders. On performance and durability alone, I give this product 5 stars.

However, I can't justify giving the Vita Mix that high of a rating, because it is just so darned expensive.

That having been said, there is a place for a Vita Mix blender in many kitchens with kids.

You just have to figure out how often you will use it, whether or not it will fit in your space, and if you have the money to spend on the Vita Mix.


  • Works better than any other kitchen tool for making smoothies.
  • Has multiple uses, from pureeing soups to making bread crumbs and ice cream.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a variable speed control.


  • Expensive, very expensive.
  • May be too tall to fit under some kitchen cabinets.
  • Takes up counter space and is heavy, if you plan to store under the counter.


  • Can puree whole fruits and vegetables easily.
  • Has a powerful, variable-speed motor, that allows you to adjust the speed at which foods are processed as you are using it.
  • Has easy-to-read measurements in ounces, cups and metrics printed on the container.
  • Container is large (64 ounces), and made of durable, unbreakable plastic.
  • Comes with a DVD, a tamper, and a cookbook.

Guide Review - Vita Mix Blender Review

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As with any expensive kitchen tool, the Vita Mix Blender (compare prices) ought to deliver a lot of performance for its price.

Fortunately, it delivers.

From making smoothies and soups to bread crumbs, pestos and ice cream, the Vita Mix can perform a wide range of kitchen tasks quite well.

The Vita Mix is a Healthy Cook's Best Friend

If you're into healthy eating, the Vita Mix blender can perform tasks like pulverizing an entire orange, skin and seeds included. Or make raw nut butters.

Although the Vita Mix does not extract pulp like a juicer, it can get you to the same place as a juicer. That is, you can use that whole pureed orange in a smoothie or drink that is as healthy as a fresh-juiced drink.

Indeed, some say it's even healthier, because the fiber and nutrients from skin, seeds and pulp are not lost when you use the Vitamix.

What's more, the Vita Mix is fast, durable (the container is made of high-quality plastic), and easy to clean. Just put a few drops of detergent and a few cups water into the Vita Mix, turn it on, and voila! It cleans itself.

Drawbacks of the Vita Mix

The drawbacks of the Vita Mix are price -- at nearly $500, this is not a cheap kitchen tool -- and size.

If you don't have a lot of counter space, the Vita Mix is probably not right for you, because it is fairly heavy to move from cabinet to counter.

Likewise, at 19-3/4 inches high, the Vita Mix is tall, making it difficult to fit under some kitchen cabinets.

This is less of a drawback, because you can easily leave the base on the counter, and store the container separately.

In short, if you have the counter space and enjoy making smoothies often, there is no better kitchen tool for the job. Likewise, you are into healthy eating, especially whole foods, the Vita Mix can make fresh juices, soups, nut butters and a variety of raw foods easily. Just be sure you have the space for the Vita Mix in your kitchen.