Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Vodka makes for a versatile cocktail base because its flavor is so easy to mix with all kinds of juices, syrups and mixers. Find your favorite vodka cocktail recipes here and you might just have a new signature drink.
Homemade Spiked Lemonade
Spiked Lemonade
Pornstar Martini Cocktail With Passion Fruit Garnish
Pornstar Martini
Spiked Arnold Palmer (John Daly) Cocktail
Spiked Arnold Palmer
Caipiroska Cocktail
Eggnog Martini
Eggnog Martini
Crazy Bloody Mary With Bacon Straw and Grilled Cheese
Crazy Bloody Mary
White Cosmo Cocktail With Sugared Cranberry Garnish
White Cosmo Cocktail
Salted Caramel Martini
Salted Caramel Martini
Sugar Cookie Martini
Sugar Cookie Martini
Drunken Watermelon Slices With Vodka
How to Make a Vodka-Spiked Watermelon
Ketel Soda With Grapefruit and Thyme Cocktail
Ketel Soda With Grapefruit and Thyme
Ketel One Vodka's Apple Cinnamon Mule Cocktail
Apple Cinnamon Mule
Equipment and ingredients for Infusing spirits
18 Easy Infused Vodka Cocktails
Manuka and Maple Sour with 42 Below Honey Vodka
Manuka Maple Sour Cocktail
Strawberry Rose Cocktail
Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Cocktail
Holiday Hopper Cocktail
13 Festive Christmas Martinis You'll Love to Share
Spooky spicy blood marys recipe
Spicy and Spooky Bloody Marys
Watermelon strawberry kiwi bowl in garden
Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade
Rocky Cucumber Cocktail
Rocky Cucumber Cocktail
Christmas mule cocktail
Christmas Mule Cocktail
Learn how to make watermelon vodka
Watermelon Vodka
Fourth of July Shot Drink
Fourth of July Shot
Vodka and pineapple cocktail recipe
The Hollywood Cocktail
Easy Honey Deuce Cocktail Recipe - Grey Goose Vodka
Honey Deuce Cocktail
Madras Cocktail
22 Essential and Popular Vodka Cocktails
Bay Hill Hummer cocktail in glasses with straws
Bay Hill Hummer
Vodka Martini recipe, martini with lemon peel
Vodka Martini
Vodka tonic recipe
Vodka Tonic
Long island iced tea
Long Island Iced Tea and Its Many Variations
Real Harvey Wallbanger recipe
The Real Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail
Vodka red bull
Vodka Red Bull Mixed Drink
A mudslide cocktail presented three different styles of glassware
Mudslide Cocktail
Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini
Colorado bulldog cocktail recipe
Colorado Bulldog Cocktail
Woo Woo cocktail
The Woo Woo Cocktail
Chocolate Martini
Easy Chocolate Martini
green apple martini cocktails and a cocktail shaker on a marble table
Apple Martini
Two glasses of Black Russian cocktails
Black Russian Cocktail
Cosmopolitan cocktail
Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Popular screwdriver recipe
Screwdriver Cocktail
Pearl Harbor Cocktail Recipe
Pearl Harbor Cocktail
Zombie's Brew Cocktail with Three Olives Tartz Vodka
Zombie's Brew
Vodka Collins cocktail garnished with orange and cherry
Vodka Collins Cocktail
Orange creamsicle cocktail in a glass with orange slice garnish
Orange Creamsicle Cocktail
Bloody Caesar Cocktail
Bloody Caesar
Madras cocktail recipe
The Madras
Photo of a purple hooter shot on a light colored background
Raspberry Gimlet Shooter
Purple haze cocktail with blackberries and mint garnish
Purple Haze Cocktail
The Bocce Ball
The Bocce Ball
Cranberry Moscow mule
Cranberry Moscow Mule
Hello Kitty Cocktail
Hello Kitty Cocktail
Lemon drop shot with a lemon wedge
Lemon Drop Shots
Chocolatini Cocktail
Chocolatini Cocktail
Cucumber-Infused Vodka in glasses and garnished with cucumbers, and cucumber slices on a plate
Cucumber-Infused Vodka
French Pear Martini
French Pear Martini
The White Russian
The White Russian
Bliss on the Beach Cocktail
Bliss on the Beach Cocktail
Cape Cod: the Popular Vodka and Cranberry Drink recipe, in a glass with lime wedges
Cape Cod (Vodka Cranberry) Cocktail
Iced tea cocktail
Hawaiian Iced Tea
Tootsie roll shooter
Tootsie Roll Shooter