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Episode 1: The Quickest Pickles Ever

Ready to make the fastest pickles on the planet? Jess is. Watch her smash her way to crisp, mouth-puckering glory with a pile of kirby cucumbers and her trusty cast-iron skillet. Find out why this brutality helps the brine penetrate and create crunchy pickles in record speed.


Episode 2: The Trick to Perfect Boiled Eggs

What’s the best way to cook the perfect jammy egg, every single time? People constantly ask this question and Heather is genuinely psyched to show them how to do it. It’s preposterously easy, satisfyingly precise, and the eggs practically leap from their own shells.


Episode 3: How to Make Halloween Candy Fondue

Here's a fun new way to breathe new life in Halloween candy—turn those leftover treats into an over-the-top fondue. All you need are your favorite fun-sized bars, a small crockpot, and all the usual fondue fixins'. See what Jess pairs with Butterfinger, Snickers, and Milky Way—and be prepared for chocolate overload.


Episode 4: How to Cut and Peel Butternut Squash

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear and sometimes also butternut squash. Heather insists that it’s pretty easy, though, and proves it by demonstrating a straightforward way to peel, cut and dispatch a big fat butternut squash into neat little hunks without breaking a sweat.


Episode 5: The Not-Measuring Rice Trick

Fact: You don’t actually need to measure water when cooking rice. We know a trick that’s been used for centuries—including in the childhood homes of food editors Patty and Jess. Add any kind of rice to a pot, and prepare to witness perfect, fluffy measurement magic.


Episode 6: The Secret to Extra Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

When fluffiness is the goal for mashed potatoes, there's one kitchen tool that Heather uses to get there. The astonishing part? You don't even have to peel them—which makes these potatoes perfect for a weeknight dinner or a Thanksgiving-worthy side dish.


Episode 7: How to Make Brown Sugar Milk

You may not know brown sugar milk by name (yet!), but you’ve probably seen it pop up in your Instagram feed. The Taiwanese bubble tea has become so popular, foodies have lined up for two hours just to get their hands on one. Well, you’re in luck because it’s incredibly easy to recreate at home and Patty will show you how.


The Spruce: "One Thing" Episodes

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Episode 1: The Secret to Removing Stubborn Stickers

Why is it that the ugliest stickers are the hardest to remove?! Luckily, Melanie knows a relatively mess-free method of removing stubborn stickers from all types of surfaces and the key is a common household item pretty much everyone owns.


Episode 2: Painting Pumpkins With Chalky Finish Paint

No-carve pumpkins are more popular than ever before, and Melissa is here to show you three ways to embrace the trend. Using just a paintbrush and our Chalky Finish Paint, you can turn your pumpkins into modern works of art—gourd-geous!


Episode 3: How to Fold a Hoodie

The hoodie is a wardrobe must-have for all. Let Melanie teach you (and Dotdash CEO, Neil Vogel) the most genius, space-saving method of folding your favorite hoodie so you can lend this garment the respect it surely deserves.


Episode 4: Condiments You Can Clean With

Condiments! Without a doubt awesome for eating. But do they have a secret, secondary purpose? Watch as Melanie tests whether mayo, ketchup, and vinegar can double successfully as cleaning agents.


Episode 5: Never Hammer Your Fingers Again!

Your fingers deserve to stay intact! Spare your digits the indignity of being smashed by a hammer during your next home improvement project with these helpful tricks Sami has mastered.


Episode 6: The Trick to Removing Carpet Dents

If you’ve ever moved furniture off a rug, you’re probably familiar with the unsightly dents that get left behind. Don't fret! There’s a simple way to eliminate these tiny carpet craters. Watch Sami explain exactly how.