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Episode 38: DIY Salad Bar

Is lunchtime full of drama in your home? In this video, Eric shows you our secret for a drama-free lunch: it's all about meal prep. Using containers from The Spruce Home Organization Collection, Eric walks you through how to create multiple choice options so everyone can pick exactly what they want and nobody gets mad.


Drama-Free Lunch

Episode 37: Doritos-Crusted Babybels

Babybels are amazing. Doritos are amazing. So why didn't we think about combining the two sooner? Well, our Creative Content Director, Todd Coleman did. In this video, he shows you how to make cheesy, gooey Doritos-Crusted Babybels. 


Doritos Crusted Babybels

Episode 36: Eric's Apple Cider Vinegar Potion

It's getting cold outside which means you need to try this potion! Eric demonstrates how to make his wintertime potion. While this isn't a curative, it can definitely help to make you feel just a little bit better. 


Super Soothing Potion

Episode 35: Buffalo Turkey Wings

Not everyone is the biggest fan of turkey, sometimes it's a bit too dry. However, we don't know anyone who dislikes buffalo wings. In this video, Heather shows us how to make buffalo turkey wings. That's right, gigantic turkey wings in a rich, buttery buffalo sauce. This is sure to be your new Thanksgiving favorite. 


Buffalo Turkey Wings

Episode 34: Jalapeño Popper Parm

We've taken jalapeño poppers to a whole other level. In this video, Heather shows you how to make jalapeño popper parm. You'll be obsessed with this cheesy. spicy, saucy, comforting, easy dish.


Cheesy Saucy Jalapeño Popper Parm

Episode 33: Bottom of the Jar Dressing

Don't throw away your nearly empty mustard jars, instead use the little that's left to make delicious salad dressings, or dips! In this video, Jess shows you how to make three different mustard based salad dressings.


Bottom of the Jar Salad Dressing

Episode 32: Pineapple Skin Tea

Next time you cut a pineapple, do not throw anything away! In this video, food explorer and eater - Ozoz Sokoh (@kitchenbutterfly) - shows you how to make a sweet pineapple tea from peels, ends, and trimmings that would otherwise have been discarded.


Refreshing Pineapple Skin Tea

Episode 31: Frozen S'mores

Freeze summer forever by making frozen s'mores! In this video, Eric shows you how to create frozen s'mores with chocolate ice cream, a toasted marshmallow mixture and graham crackers. You'll love them and your kids will go nuts.


Freeze Summer Forever with Frozen S'mores

Episode 30: Ice Cream Bread

Did you know that you can make a delicious loaf of bread using self-rising flour and a pint of ice cream?m In this video, Jess shows you how transform your favorite ice cream into a delicious, muffin-like loaf of bread with your favorite toppings.


Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Bread

Episode 29: Spiced Yogurt Flatbread

Did you know that you can make a delicious flatbread using just a container of yogurt and flour? In this video, Todd shows you how to make a super simple flatbread that you can top with anything you want.


Super Simple Yogurt Flatbread

Episode 28: 4-Ingredient Strawberry Shortcake

There is nothing better during the summer than fresh strawberries. In this video, Heather shows you how to make a simple and easy strawberry shortcake.


Easiest Summer Shortcake

Episode 27: Mini Watermelon Margaritas

Wondering what to do with min-watermelons? Turn them into margaritas! In this video, Eric shows you how to turn a mini-watermelon into the perfect summertime cocktail. You can even leave the booze out and create a refreshing drink for your kids.


Mini-Watermelon Margarita in Minutes

Episode 26: Mochi Cake

Do you dream all year long of seasonal grocery store items that are no longer available? So does Patty, but in this video she's found the key to making Trader Joe's Mochi Cake at home. All you need are some simple pantry ingredients along with rice flour and you'll be eating this cake all year long.


Episode 25: Quesadillas Benedict

Tired of your normal quarantine breakfast? In this video, Jess shows you how to make quesadillas benedict. All it takes is some basic pantry items and before you know if you'll showing off to all your friends on Zoom.


Episode 24: How to Make Edible Playdough

Whoever said you shouldn't play with your food was just wrong. In this video, Heather and her daughter Eve show us how to make cute animals out of edible playdough. All you need is water, marshmallows, powdered sugar and food coloring.


Episode 23: Sourdough Starter Scallion Pancake

Are you at home making lots of sourdough? Tired of throwing away all the discard starter? So is Eric and he's come up with a delicious way to save that discard: make crispy, tangy scallion pancakes.


Episode 22: How to Sharpen a Knife With a Mug

Have you ever been caught in a pinch where you only have a dull knife and no sharpener? Jess shows you a simple technique that she learned the hard way - how to use a mug to sharpen a knife. All you need is a cheap, sturdy mug and you're all set.


Episode 21: The Easiest Poached Egg Technique

Love poached eggs but scared to make them at home? In this video, Heather shows you how to poach eggs, the right way at home. Get ready to have amazing, drippy poached eggs every weekend. 


Episode 20: French Onion Soup Pantry Pasta

Unsure of what to make for dinner? Chances are you have everything in your pantry right now to make a delicious pasta. Eric shows us that all you need are onions, garlic, butter, oil and pastry to create something delicious for you and your kids.


Episode 19: The Fluffiest-Ever Buttermilk Pancakes

Tired of making the same old, floppy pancakes? Eric will walk you through all of his secret tips to making the perfect, fluffy, huge pancakes. From using baking soda AND baking powder to letting the batter sit for 10 minutes, these tricks will make you a pancake master in no time.


Episode 18: Giant Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What's better than a regular grilled cheese? A giant grilled cheese. Jess walks us through using a whole loaf of bread, American cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella to create a masterpiece that's good enough to share.


Episode 17: How to Temper Chocolate

Want to make an amazing, shiny, snappy chocolate dessert that is sure to impress your valentine? Pastry chef Priscilla Scaff-Mariana from Gabriel Kreuther teaches Heather the A to Zs of tempering chocolate like a pro.


Episode 16: Chicken Skin Chips

When braising or making soup, it's normal to remove and discard chicken skin. Next time, save what you pull off so you can make this game-changing snack. The technique Jess uses is super simple and leaves you with a plate of irresistibly crunchy chicken skin chips.


Episode 15: Vegan Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt

Rachel Berman, the general manager of Verywell, joins Patty to show us how to make our own vegan yogurt at home. All you need are cashews, water, coconut milk and an Instant Pot and before you know if you'll be making all of your coworkers jealous with a healthy and delicious breakfast.


Episode 14: Flavor Bombs

If you want to plan ahead for a busy weeknight, prepare our easy frozen flavor bombs. Watch as Heather walks us through how to combine spices with fat and onions to make concentrated frozen pucks that can be combined with other ingredients for countless dinner possibilities. 


Episode 13: How to Make Brown Sugar Milk

You may not know brown sugar milk by name (yet!), but you’ve probably seen it pop up in your Instagram feed. The Taiwanese bubble tea has become so popular, foodies have lined up for two hours just to get their hands on one. Well, you’re in luck because it’s incredibly easy to recreate at home and Patty will show you how.


Episode 12: Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

In need of a new holiday cookie recipe? Patty shows you how to bake snowcapped red velvet crinkle cookies that are guaranteed to win any Christmas cookie swap.


Episode 11: How to Look Cool Shaking a Cocktail

Tired of not looking cool at parties because you don't know how to use a cocktail shaker? Eric gets a cocktail lesson from Tom Macy, co-owner of Clover Club and Leyenda . Watch as they make a spiced cranberry margarita, going through all the tools and tricks that will help you look cool at your next holiday party.


Episode 10: Kimchi-Pickled Eggs

What's the tastiest way to pickle eggs? Add tangy, spicy kimchi to the mix, and watch your eggs go from ho-hum to explosively delicious. Jess shows you three ways to make it happen.


Episode 9: How to Hasselback Anything

What's the first thing you think of when we say the term "hasselback"? We bet it's potatoes. But did you know that there's a lot more you can apply the technique to? Watch as Patty shows you how to master this method on a variety of tasty foods.


Episode 8: Thanksgiving Leftover Dumplings

We've all been there. You're standing in front of the fridge looking at a pile of Thanksgiving leftovers, but cringe at the thought of yet another turkey sandwich. Here's a way to turn those holiday extras into something completely different: dumplings! See how Patty does it with stuffing, turkey, and green beans and bid farewell to boring leftovers.


Episode 7: How to Spatchcock a Turkey

It turns out the easiest way to get the maximum amount of crispy golden skin, tender legs and drums, and juicy white meat is also the fastest: Spatchcocking it. Heather snips the spine from a turkey and flattens it, then roasts it with a lot of butter, salt, and pepper. The turkey is ready in just over an hour—yes, really!


Episode 6: The Secret to Extra Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

When fluffiness is the goal for mashed potatoes, there's one kitchen tool that Heather uses to get there. The astonishing part? You don't even have to peel them—which makes these potatoes perfect for a weeknight dinner or a Thanksgiving-worthy side dish.


Episode 5: The Not-Measuring Rice Trick

Fact: You don’t actually need to measure water when cooking rice. We know a trick that’s been used for centuries—including in the childhood homes of food editors Patty and Jess. Add any kind of rice to a pot, and prepare to witness perfect, fluffy measurement magic.


Episode 4: How to Cut and Peel Butternut Squash

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear and sometimes also butternut squash. Heather insists that it’s pretty easy, though, and proves it by demonstrating a straightforward way to peel, cut and dispatch a big fat butternut squash into neat little hunks without breaking a sweat.


Episode 3: How to Make Halloween Candy Fondue

Here's a fun new way to breathe new life in Halloween candy—turn those treats into an over-the-top fondue. All you need are your favorite fun-sized bars, a small crockpot, and all the usual fondue fixins'. See what Jess pairs with Butterfinger, Snickers, and Milky Way—and be prepared for chocolate overload.


Episode 2: The Trick to Perfect Boiled Eggs

What’s the best way to cook the perfect egg, every single time? People constantly ask this question and Heather is genuinely psyched to show them how it. It’s preposterously easy, satisfyingly precise, and the eggs practically leap from their own shells.


Episode 1: The Quickest Pickles Ever

Ready to make the fastest pickles on the planet? Jess is. Watch her smash her way to crisp, mouth-puckering glory with a pile of cucumbers and her trusty cast-iron skillet. Find out why this brutality helps the brine penetrate and create crunchy pickles in record speed.


The Spruce: "One Thing" Episodes

Want more "One Thing"? Check out home, organizing, and crafting tips from our sister site, The Spruce, below.

Episode 24: Upcycle Plastic Bottles into Planters

Keep a few single-use plastic bottles and upcycle them into gorgeous planters that can help breathe life into your home. Associate editor Melissa Epifano will show you how to turn something as ordinary as a plastic soap bottle into a chic decor item.


Episode 23: How to Make a DIY Face Mask

Want to DIY your own face mask? All you need is a bandana or handkerchief and rubber bands. Watch as general manager Mélanie Berliet shows you how easy it is to make your own in just a few quick steps.


Episode 22: DIY No-Sew Face Mask

In this special edition of One Thing at Home, Melanie and her daughter Stella, shows you how to make a face mask out of a piece of fabric and rubber bands. Unlike the ones you can buy at the store, these masks are completely customizable and perfect for your children.


Episode 21: How to Reseal Plastic Bags

When it comes to keeping your chips fresh, a bag clip or rubber band often fall short. The solution? Fire! Watch as Mélanie shows you how to seamlessly seal plastic bags with just a ruler and lighter.


Episode 20: Awesome DIY Hoop Wreaths

Whether you’re a fan of a fresh bouquet of flowers or prefer faux blooms, this tutorial is for you. Melissa is here to help you welcome in the new season with this DIY spring wreath tutorial. You’ll learn how to clip, arrange, and style your favorite flowers into a trendy hoop wreath.


Episode 19: Surprising Uses For WD-40

This spray bottle is known for its magic ability to uncreak and unsqueak anything. But WD-40 has quite a few more cool tricks up its nozzle. Melissa will show you four different ways that the spray can found in everyone’s cabinets will make your life easier.


Episode 18: How to Use Friction to Open a Jar

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to pry open your jar of pasta sauce before dinner or trying to loosen the too-tight pickle and pearl onion containers you need to open for game night. No need to call on your family members for help—watch Mélanie show you how to open the toughest jars easily.  


Episode 17: Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Trying to figure out how to make that stunning bouquet last longer? Sami tested a variety of methods —everything from Viagra to Vodka—to see which one will keep your blooms at their brightest. You may be surprised to see which concoction works best. 


Episode 16: The Trick to Removing Carpet Dents

If you’ve ever moved furniture off a rug, you’re probably familiar with the unsightly dents that get left behind. Don't fret! There’s a simple way to eliminate these tiny carpet craters. Watch Sami explain exactly how.


Episode 15: Lazy Susan Tips and Tricks

These spinning trays aren’t just great for taco night; lazy Susans have quite a few other useful purposes in the home. Sami’s here to help you step up your organization game as she demonstrates a variety of ways to use a lazy Susan—from organizing makeup to making a tabletop bar cart.


Episode 14: How to Remove Candle Wax

We all have those nearly empty candle jars scattered around our homes. The candles can no longer be lit, but tossing the empty vessel seems like a waste. So what can you do? With this simple trick, Melissa will show you how to easily remove leftover wax and repurpose your jars.


Give Your Candle Jars a Second Life in 5 Minutes Flat

Episode 13: How to Easily Open Champagne Bottles

When it’s time for a toast, pouring the bubbly is easy, but getting the bottle open? Not so much. No one wants sticky floors, shattered glass, or cork-induced injuries. Have no fear, Sami will break down the easiest way to open a champagne bottle—to keep you safe from flying corks.


Episode 12: Festive Napkin Folding

Take your tablescape to a whole new level this holiday season with some fancy napkin folding. Mélanie will show you how to easily master everything from a simple pocket fold to a Christmas tree so you can add a festive touch to your guest’s place settings.


Episode 11: How to Paint Ornaments

Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Our favorite holiday tradition? DIYing your own ornaments. Grab your paint brushes and work alongside Melissa as she walks you through a simple painted ornament craft.


Episode 10: Unique DIY Gift Toppers

Run out of bows? Forgot to buy extra ribbon? Don’t fret! It’s much easier than you think to craft your own unique gift toppers. Follow along as Mélanie teaches you how to personalize your gift and make it look anything but basic.


Episode 9: The Trick to Folding a Fitted Sheet

If you’re anything like us, your spare fitted sheets are most likely balled up and shoved in the back of your linen closet. The combination of elastic band and rounded corners makes folding these bedding staples much too difficult. Don’t sweat it—Mélanie will show you how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet once and for all.


Episode 8: How to Make Gourd Vases

Sure, pumpkins and squash taste great in your favorite fall dishes, but they can be used for more things than just your culinary adventures. For a truly unique tablescape, watch as Mélanie reveals the trick to turning gourds into festive fall vases. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces will be the talk of your Thanksgiving dinner. 


Episode 7: Condiments You Can Clean With

Condiments! Without a doubt awesome for eating. But do they have a secret, secondary purpose? Watch as Melanie tests whether mayo, ketchup, and vinegar can double successfully as cleaning agents.


Episode 6: Never Hammer Your Fingers Again!

Your fingers deserve to stay intact! Spare your digits the indignity of being smashed by a hammer during your next home improvement project with these helpful tricks Sami has mastered.


Episode 5: How to Fold a Hoodie

The hoodie is a wardrobe must-have for all. Let Melanie teach you (and Dotdash CEO, Neil Vogel) the most genius, space-saving method of folding your favorite hoodie so you can lend this garment the respect it surely deserves.


Episode 4: Healthy Spooky Snacks

What’s scarier than ghosts, witches, or werewolves? Making a healthy snack that everyone actually enjoys. While we’ll never say “no” to a few handfuls of candy, between trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, kiddos can quickly hit sugar overload. Watch as Melanie creates several delicious and nutritious spooky snacks, perfect for fueling your hungry horde.


Episode 3: No-Sew Last-Minute DIY Costumes

Forgot to buy a Halloween costume? Don't worry! Sami has you covered with four unique Halloween ensembles that require nothing more than a few supplies and a hot glue gun.


Episode 2: Painting Pumpkins With Chalky Finish Paint

No-carve pumpkins are more popular than ever before, and Melissa is here to show you three ways to embrace the trend. Using just a paintbrush and our Chalky Finish Paint, you can turn your pumpkins into modern works of art—gourd-geous!


Episode 1: The Secret to Removing Stubborn Stickers

Why is it that the ugliest stickers are the hardest to remove?! Luckily, Melanie knows a relatively mess-free method of removing stubborn stickers from all types of surfaces and the key is a common household item pretty much everyone owns.