15 Omelet Recipes for a Delicious Breakfast

Denver Omelet

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Enjoy eggs for breakfast to start the day off right. Whether scrambled, fried, frittata-ed or mixed into omelets, eggs make a quick, easy, and protein-packed breakfast to keep you full through lunch. We love omelets because they can use up leftovers, give you a chance to play around with different flavor combinations, and turn a few eggs into something that feels like a real meal. Here are a few of our favorites.

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    Low-Calorie Bacon Omelet

    Low calorie bacon omelet

    The Spruce

    You don't often find the words "low calorie" and "bacon" in the same sentence, but this omelet makes it possible. Swap out fatty pork bacon for the lighter turkey version, and use skim milk instead of full fat. Caramelized onion gives it a nice smoky sweetness and egg whites instead of whole eggs lessen the cholesterol. Don't swap out the one whole egg for whites; you'll need one yolk to hold things together.

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    Cheesy Pizza Omelet

    Pizza omelet

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    Enjoy pizza for breakfast with this filling, saucy day-starter. Gooey mozzarella cheese, chopped pepperoni, and tomato sauce give it that signature Italian flavor that works great for breakfast, brunch, or breakfast-for-dinner. Garnish with a little chopped basil or parsley for flare. If you'd like to lighten it up a little, use turkey pepperoni instead of pork.

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    Asparagus and Gruyere Omelet

    Asparagus omelet with gruyere

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    Tender asparagus and smoky gruyere make a beautiful match in this simple springtime omelet. Use thin asparagus stalks, which will cook quickly but keep a little bite. Fresh eggs work best, too. Use a nonstick skillet if you have one, for easy flipping. The whole thing comes together in just 20 minutes, so you can be out the door in no time.

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    Diner-Style Denver Omelet

    Denver omelet

    The Spruce / Laurel Randolph

    Many diners feature this meaty omelet that makes enough to serve two. It comes chock full of ham, bell peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese. Use either Canadian bacon or thick, chopped ham in this delicious recipe that goes over just as well for dinner or brunch as for a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast. Serve with hot sauce or salsa for a kick.

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    Philly Cheeseteak Omelet

    Philly cheesesteak omelet

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Chow down on Philly cheesesteak for breakfast, but without the carb-heavy bun. Philadelphia natives have strong opinions on the right kind of cheese to use, so consider yourself forewarned. Classic American gets nice and melty, but you can use any kind you like best. Shaved flank steak or chunks of leftover steak work great, and sizzling onions round it all out. Drizzle with a little sriracha before serving.

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    Classic French Omelet

    Cheddar omelet

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    Master this simple French omelet for an easy dish that you can endlessly customize to perfection. We like it with bacon, cheddar, and herbs, but the sky's the limit. Toss the filling in just before it finishes cooking, for best results. A classic French omelet doesn't blend the ingredients into the eggs. The resulting uneven heat can cause them to overcook, so fold them in right at the end.

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    Country Garden Omelet

    Country omelet

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    No meat? No problem. Omelets have plenty of protein to tide you over until lunch, even without adding extra ingredients. Diced tomatoes, shallot, and cheddar cheese give this one lovely garden flavor, but you can add additional vegetables if you have them on hand. Add a dash of Cajun or another seasoning if you like a little spice.

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    Kosher Mushroom and Onion Omelet

    Mushroom and onion omelet

    Miri Rotkovitz

    This umami mushroom and onion omelet tastes great for breakfast or brunch, whether you keep kosher or not. Earthy crimini mushrooms work well, but you can use other varieties if you can't find the artisanal variety. Serve it with toast and fresh fruit for breakfast or a green salad and some crisp white wine for dinner.

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    Hearty Chicken Omelet

    Chicken omelet

     The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Toss shredded leftover chicken into this quick and easy omelet for a hearty flavor that's a little different than your classic diner favorite. Nutty Gruyere cheese gives it a lovely creamy texture and spinach rounds it all out with a hit of nutrition. Serve it for any meal, especially if you're short on time.

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    Egg White Greek Omelet

    Egg white omelet

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Using egg whites lightens up this delicious Greek omelet, but don't think it shortchanges the flavor. Salty feta cheese and kalamata olives, juicy cherry tomatoes, and iron-rich spinach make it taste just like the islands. A grilled pita on the side just completes the picture.

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    Simple Italian Omelet

    Italian Omelet

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    Creamy mozzarella cheese and sweet sundried tomatoes give this Italian-style omelet a wonderful contrast to start your day off right. Use fresh shredded basil for the most assertive flavor, and save a little extra to sprinkle on top at the end. This recipe makes enough for four omelets, but you can also scale it down if you only need one or two.

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    Spanish Omelet

    Spanish omelet (tortilla Española)

    The Spruce

    In Spanish, omelets are called "tortilla española" and often come filled with region foods. Some even consider it the national dish of Spain. The presentation looks a little different from what Americans consider an omelet, so try this one for a unique breakfast, dinner, or even a light snack or appetizer.

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    Korean Rolled Omelet

    Korean rolled omelet

    The Spruce 

    A Korean rolled omelet, or gaeran mari, makes a tasty and unique breakfast, lunch, or side for a larger meal. While it looks complex, the preparation doesn't take any more work than the American version. If you don't care for seaweed or don't have any on hand, feel free to omit it or substitute additional vegetables or even some diced ham.

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    Microwave Omelet

    Omelet in cup

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    Some mornings, even heating up the stove takes too long. For those situations, try this simple omelet that comes together in a microwaved mug. Add in ham, bacon, cheese, sausage, leftover veggies, or any of your favorite omelet toppings. Don't forget to spray the mug with nonstick cooking spray before you start; the eggs will stick like glue otherwise.

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    Japanese Omelet

    Omurice: Japanese Fried Rice Omelet

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    A Japanese fried rice omelet, or omurice, makes a filling and unique breakfast or other meal. Most commonly made with fried rice and chicken then topped with ketchup, it demonstrates a lot of Western influence on Japanese culture. Swap out bell pepper for other veggies and chicken for different protein for a change of pace, once you master the recipe.