Top 6 Ways to Use up Flat Cola

Do you end up tossing out half cans or bottles of flat cola? Save it to cook with. Believe it or not, flat cola has many applications in the kitchen. Use it in recipes for savory roasts to decadent desserts without imparting any cola flavor. Experiment using diet colas, but keep in mind that long cooking times at high temperatures can turn diet colas bitter. The cola should be at room temperature when you begin cooking. Other sodas or seltzer may be substituted in many of the recipes.

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    Make a Cake

    Slice of Coca Cola cake on plate

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    This easy sheet cake is wonderfully decadent and rich. The cola enhances the flavor of the chocolate without adding cola flavor. Loaded with chocolate chips, you can use your favorite chocolate frosting or sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar.

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    Make a Baked Brisket

    Sweet and Savory Coca Cola Brisket

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    Cola not only tenderizes this brisket, but it also makes a fabulous gravy. Requires no marination, but plan on up to three hours of cooking time to cook the brisket.

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    Make a Ham

    Slow Cooker Cola Ham

    The Spruce

    Southern ham cooked in cola must be tried to be believed. Bone-in ham is first boiled in cola with an onion, then baked in a glaze of mustard, molasses, and cloves.

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    Make a 7-bone Roast

    Cola 7-bone roast
    Diana Rattray

    7-bone roasts are one of the few remaining beef values these days, economical and flavorful. You won't taste cola, but the gravy is to die for! Oven-baked pot roast and vegetables are enhanced by a rich gravy. Can also be made in a slow cooker.

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    Make Spareribs in the Crockpot

    crockpot bbq ribs on a plate

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    Start these ribs in the crockpot and finish with a cola barbecue sauce on the grill or under the oven broiler. Plan at least a day ahead for pre-cooking in the crockpot, refrigeration overnight, and then finishing on the grill or under the broiler.

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    Make Slow Cooker Cola Chicken

    Slow Cooker Cola Chicken
    Diana Rattray

    Use your choice of chicken parts, including a cut-up whole chicken, leg quarters, or a combination of thighs and drumsticks. Slow-roast the chicken between 3 1/2 and 7 hours with a cola and ketchup sauce for mouthwatering slow cooker cola chicken. Try this with different sodas, such as root beer and cherry or use brisket instead of chicken.