Weber Genesis II Gas Grills

The Complete Line of Weber Genesis II Gas Grills

The current line up of the Weber Genesis grills includes 4 models ranging in price (based on MSRP) from $599USD to $2,249USD. Typically you can find these grills on sale for 10% less depending on where you are and where you shop. The Weber Genesis Series grills come in 2, 3, 4, and 6 burner configurations and in a standard, LX, and E-Series and S-Series editions. This line includes 12 models plus some color variations in E-Series 4-burner model. All of these grills are compatible with...MORE Weber's iGrill devices, but only the LX editions allow for full integration of this system.

Genesis II E-Series

The basic version has porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates and all the standard Genesis features including a complete 10-year warranty, propane tank fuel gauge, and open cart design.

Genesis II LX E-Series

This version replaces the porcelain-coated cooking grates with stainless steel rod. It also features a 12,000 BTU side burner, handle mounted grill light, stainless steel flavorizer bars, and enclosed cart with front panel doors.

Genesis II LX S-Series

The S-Series has everything on the LX E-Series but replaces the porcelain enameled lid and doors for stainless steel. This is largely a cosmetic upgrade to the E-Series grills.

Since there are so many models to choose from, most stores will not stock all of the options. Find the right model for you from this list and be prepared to special order the one you want if necessary. All Weber Genesis Grills are sold as either Propane or Natural Gas. They are not convertible.

  • At the bottom end of the Genesis line is this small, 2-burner gas grill. It's 380 square inches of primary grilling space is enough for the average family, but will be a little tight for anything more. The left side table folds down to reduce the area it occupies, making this a good choice for small spaces. With a list price of $599USD, this is comparable to the larger, 3-Burner Weber Spirit, but loaded with better features. 

  • Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill

    Weber Genesis II E-310

    This 3-burner version of the Genesis Grill is comparable to the classic model from years past. The 513 square inches of primary grilling space is plenty for most families and will accommodate a small gathering of friends. This is still a basic gas grill, without side burner or much in the way of extras that are not standard on this line of grills, but the construction is solid, making this the best choice among these grills for the average consumer who doesn't want to spend more than...MORE necessary. At $849USD, this isn't an inexpensive product, but certainly a great value.

  • Weber Genesis II E-410 Copper 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

    Weber Genesis II E-410

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    This 4-burner gas grill is the flagship of the Genesis line according to the people at Weber. With 646 square inches of primary grilling space and a suggested price tag of $1,049USD this might be more grill than most people will need, but for larger gatherings, it has all the space anyone will need. Like all the models in the standard Genesis II line (as opposed to the LX version) this grill has heavy porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and the excellent GS4 cooking...MORE system. This grill, however, is available in four colors, including the standard black. Expect to see this model in most retail outlets.

    This model is the same price as the LX E-210 providing the choice between more grilling space and more features.

  • Weber Genesis II LX E-240

    Weber Genesis II LX E-210

    At the same price (MSRP of $1,049USD) as the more simply featured 4-burner model above, this model has all the extras including the stainless steel rod cooking grates and flavorizer bars as well as a grill light attached to the handle. This model, like all the LX versions, is fully integrated into Weber's iGrill technology, meaning that temperatures and fuel levels can be monitored remotely and the control panel lights can be turned off and on via the associated app.

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  • Weber Genesis II LX S-240

    Weber Genesis II LX S-240

    This S-Series 2-burner is functionally the same as the model above, but with stainless steel body parts. For $1,149USD it is $100 more for a purely cosmetic upgrade, not to say that this isn't an advantage, but it is the only deciding factor between the two models.

  • Weber Genesis II LX-340

    Weber Genesis II LX E-340

     At $1,399USD this is probably the ideal Genesis grill for the average household. It has all the size and features offered at a price that is $100 less that the S-Series version below. For the person willing to pay the price, this is the one to buy. For those that can do without the stainless steel cooking grates and all the other extras, the non-LX version (item two on this list) is $550 less.

  • Weber Genesis II E-610

    Weber Genesis II E-610

    With 770 square inches of direct grilling space, this 6-Burner from Weber is closer to an event grill than the average backyard gas grill. This is the perfect size for the person who has large parties or needs to grill for a small community. For the average person, it is simply too big to be useful. With a $1,499USD suggested price (typically found for a few hundred less), this model fills out the Genesis line and offers a great deal of versatility. My suggestion, however, is to really think...MORE about how big a grill you need before buying this one. It will typically need to be special ordered since most major retailers won't have it on their floors. 

  • Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill

    Weber Genesis II LX S-340

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    As I noted above, at $1,499 this is the same gas grill as the E-Series version but costs $100 more for the stainless steel enhancements.

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  • Weber Genesis II LX E-440

    Weber Genesis II LX E-440

    The real advantage in moving from a 3-burner to a 4-burner configuration is in the indirect grilling space. This model has the capacity to grill racks of ribs, laid out lengthwise in the center while the two burners on the ends do all the cooking. Of course, this $1,699USD gas grill can cook a lot of burgers, but most consumers will never need that much direct grilling space. 

  • Weber Genesis II LX S-440

    Weber Genesis II LX S-440

    To put a stainless steel hood and two stainless steel doors on this LX model now adds $150USD to the MSRP, bringing this large and very well featured gas grill to $1,849. For those that like the look and need the space and the extras, this is a good model to choose.

  • Weber Genesis II LX E-640

    Weber Genesis II LX E-640

    Before spending as much as $2,149USD (or $1,900 as it frequently lists for) consider upgrading the features and choosing the Weber Summit E-470. This model is larger, but the Summit Grill, which general costs the same, comes with full rotisserie system, including a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner and an internal sear burner, which really gives the Summit some serious grilling power. The exchange of size for function is worth seriously considering. 

  • Weber Genesis II LX S-640

    Weber Genesis II LX S-640

    This is the ultimate Weber Genesis Gas Grill. At $2,249USD it carries a hefty price tag and puts it in direct competition with Weber's premium Summit line. In fact, this model generally sells for around $100 more than the Weber Summit S-470, which, as I said above, has a lot more to offer than this model, even if it is smaller. I strongly suggest that you compare the two, before purchasing this gas grill.

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