Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill
Weber-Stephen Products Co.

The Weber Genesis line of grills is the best you can buy in this price range. The E-310 is the most basic version of this series. The list price is $849 but you can typically find it for around $800. What you get with this model is a three burner grill (available in three colors). Other models in this series give you a side burner or a sear burner, but if you don't need that then this is the model to buy.

Grill Overview

Before you buy this grill, review the pros and cons and product details to decide if this is the right grill for you:

  • Efficient heat design

  • Solid construction of durable parts

  • Weber Support

  • Low grades of stainless steel throughout

  • Not remarkably better than the E-Series Genesis grills

  • Slower preheat times

Product Details and Description

  • Three 12,666 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 507 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 637 square inches
  • 38,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Push button electric (AA-battery) ignition
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel (400 series stainless)
  • Enclosed cabinet with internal propane tank storage and propane fuel gauge
  • Dual layer hood with double vaporization system for heat retention
  • Propane tank and cover sold separately
  • Made in the USA by the Weber-Stephen Products Company

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Product Review

In 2011 Weber redesigned their popular line of Genesis grills. The burners, which used to run parallel to the front of the grill with controls on the right side table, are now run perpendicular to the front of the grill with the controls in the front. Now the Weber Genesis grill is much more like all the other grills on the market, at least as far as the burner design goes.

This grill is one of the most efficient standard gas grills on the market and one of the best built. For the price, there really isn't a better grill on the market. While this is a basic no frills gas grill, it grills hot and fast, while giving you the ability to do low, indirect grilling.

The three burners put out only 38,000 BTUs under 507 square inches of cooking space or about 75 BTUs per square inch. While this is low when compared to other gas grills, the efficient design holds in heat. There is a difference between holding in heat and creating it. The S-310 will get hot, it just takes too long to get there. That means that all that efficiency is lost while you let the grill get up to temperature.

What really makes the Weber Genesis S-310 stand out is its quality. There is a high attention to detail. Everything on this grill works (they actually fire up every grill before it is packaged), and since there is a 10-year warranty on virtually everything in this grill you can rely on it to last for at least a decade and I would believe longer.

This grill is basically the same as the Genesis E-310 which sells for $150 less. What you get with this model is stainless steel body panels and lid, stainless steel rod cooking grates, and stainless steel vaporization bars. The stainless steel version isn't going to cook any better than its more colorful cousin, and this one won't last any longer than that one. If you really like the stainless steel look then you can't really lose by buying this grill. But for the same price, you can buy the premium edition Genesis EP-330 in five colors and get the side and sear burners.