A Detailed Review of the Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22 Grill

An Affordable Weber Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22
Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22 Weber Stephen Products Company

The Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Premium charcoal grill has one big advantage over other grills: it's inexpensive and sold exclusively at Walmart. This model is a very simple grill and lacks the bowl depth of the standard Weber Kettle. Of course, at this size (22.5-inch diameter cooking grate resulting in 363 square inches of cooking space) and the low price, this grill provides a great bargain for the person who wants a Weber grill but doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

Grill Pros and Cons

When deciding whether to purchase a grill, it's helpful to review the grill pros and cons and the complete product description. 


  • Excellent temperature control
  • An inexpensive Weber grill


  • Three-leg design is a little unstable
  • Oval shape limits heat distribution
  • Lacks bowl depth


  • 363 square inches of primary grilling space
  • Steel-plated cooking grate with hinged doors for fire access
  • Aluminum vents
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Durable, all-weather wheels
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handles that are heat resistant and long-lasting
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA by Weber

Detailed Product Review of the Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22 Grill 

Weber introduced this 22.5-inch diameter charcoal grill into their product line to offer a slightly smaller and less expensive grill. This grill has a full height but a thinner body when compared to the ever-popular Original Kettle 22 grill. Weber has still kept all the features of the original grill in this model. However, an important difference is that the bottom half of this grill does not have the depth of their other grills. This reduces the space between the coals and the cooking grate. The reduction in space can somewhat limit the airflow capabilities within the grill. While there is no real difference when it comes to direct grilling, indirect grilling and smoking capabilities are reduced and will not be as easy and successful in this grill when compared to others. 

Weber is known for their charcoal grills. The most expensive version of the Weber Kettle has the same cooking space as the Jumbo Joe Premium 22. The classic Weber models with the deeper body allow more versatility with your grill. If indirect cooking and smoking are important cooking techniques for you, it is worth spending the extra money and getting the larger grill. If you are only interested in basic grilling or are a very price-conscious consumer, then this model grill will work fine. Weigh your options and decide how invested you are in grilling and other cooking techniques before you make a purchasing decision. 

Like other Weber grills, this grill includes some thoughtful features, such as a heat-shield lid handle and lid hook. The all-weather wheels allow it to be (carefully) moved, one of the benefits of a three-legged charcoal grill. If well cared for and cleaned regularly, this Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22 charcoal grill will last for many years.