Review of the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22
Weber Stephen Products Company

When you think about charcoal grills, the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 is probably the grill that comes to mind. This is the grill that made the Weber Company famous and is the standard charcoal grill featured in movies, TV, and media. What's the reason? It's the best. The design of this grill is so good that it hasn't changed in decades. The circular shape creates a convection grilling environment. The large space and excellent venting allow this grill to smoke easily and efficiently, making it one of the least expensive smokers on the market. In the world of grilling, there isn't much you can't do with a Weber Kettle charcoal grill.

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 Description

When deciding on a grill, it's helpful to see the pros and cons alongside a detailed description of the grill specs. 


  • Excellent cooking abilities

  • Easy ash removal and cleaning

  • Versatile grilling


  • Three leg design is a little unstable


  • 363 square inches of primary grilling space
  • Steel plated cooking grate with hinged doors for fire access
  • Aluminum vents
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handles that are heat resistant and long lasting
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA by Weber

A Detailed Review

The Weber Kettle grill is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor cooking equipment ever invented. This 22 1/2 inch diameter charcoal grill provides plenty of space to indirectly grill a turkey and even more space to sear steaks. The great vent design allows for a level of heat control that many gas grills don't have. Because of the control afforded, you can even use the charcoal grill as a smoker. Since charcoal grilling is more an art than a science, using a charcoal grill requires more practice and trial and error than a gas grill. Once you have a charcoal grill, you will be inclined to learn how to use it. 

The airflow control on this grill is excellent. As soon as you are done cooking, simply close the vents and let the lack of oxygen kill the fire. This will stop the remaining coals from burning any further. Once the grill is cool, give it a shake and pull off the ash catcher. Now you're ready to grill again next time. The left behind coals can be relit for the next cookout.

Simply put, these grills are long-lasting, work well, and provide you with all the versatility you'll need. This grill can be used for simple grilling, more complicated smoking, or cooking with indirect heat. If you are looking to broaden your cooking skills, there is even a rotisserie kit available to purchase. A well cared for Weber grill will last for many years. 

Other Weber Grill Options

The Weber Original Kettle Premium comes with a removable ash catcher and lid mounted thermometer. These are very convenient features, though not necessary for great grilling. For those not interested in these features, the Weber Original Kettle 22 costs about $50 less and cooks just as well. On the other hand, the Weber Master Touch 22 is loaded with features for $50 more.