The 3 Best Weber Spirit Grills to Buy in 2018

Entry level BBQs for your backyard

Recently, Weber redesigned their entry level gas grills, the Spirit Line. These 2 and 3-burner gas grills range in price from $499USD to $699USD MSRP. The biggest change for these grills is the orientation of the burners. As the last holdout of the side table mounted control knobs and parallel burners, now Spirit grills will be like every other grill on the market. There are in the current line-up, priced at $50USD increments, depending on feature and finish. The spirit grills are the smallest...MORE of Weber's gas grills, so they might just be perfect for the person looking for a small grill for a small space. Weber Spirit gas grills are made by Weber in China.

  • Weber Spirit E-210

    Weber Spirit E-210

    In 2013 Weber has followed the trend towards smaller grills with a footprint as little as possible. The E-210 is a 2-burner gas grill with fold down side tables that provides 360 square inches of cooking space and little more. Devoid of bells and whistles, this is as simple a grill as possible. The advantage is that it takes up very little space while offering full height grilling. I recommend this model for people with small spaces like balconies where gas grills are allowed. The E-210 has an...MORE MSRP of $499USD. For $100USD more the E-310 has three burners, 424 square inches of primary grilling space, and more versatility.

  • Weber Spirit E-310 Gourmet BBQ System

    Weber Spirit E-310 Gourmet BBQ System

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    Typically Home Depot sells a special or deluxe version of some of the line of Weber gas grills. Since 2014, the Spirit grills have Weber's Gourmet BBQ Accessory System added for no extra price. Similar to the standard Spirit E-310, this model has a special porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate with a removable center piece that can be swapped out for a large number of accessory cooking equipment including a pizza stone, chicken roaster, and the griddle that is included...MORE in this package.

  • Weber Spirit S-210

    Weber Spirit S-210

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    The S-210 is identical to the E-210 in every way except the stainless steel hood and door section. Of course, this is a lower grade of stainless, but still with Weber's better than most quality. Considering that stainless steel can discolor I recommend saving $50USD and buying the E-210 since the only enhancement is the appearance, but then I prefer the black enamel to stainless anyway. The enamel surface is easier to clean and will retain its appearance longer. The S-210...MORE has an MSRP of $549USD.

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