Herbs That Taste Great on Fish and Seafood

Known to be somewhat bland tasting to most of us, fish is anything but boring when you flavor it with these 16 delicious herbs. All these flavors will enhance, not overpower the delicate natural taste of the fish or seafood. Enjoy!

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    Cod and basil
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    Basil is perfect for fish. Be sure to try different varieties. A personal favorite of mine is Thai Basil. Delish!

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    Bay leaves
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    Bay's unique scent is perfectly paired with delicate fish. You can't go wrong with this combination.

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    Caraway is a naturally sweet flavored herb. It is a must have if you enjoy a lot of fish and seafood.

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    Scallops with chives
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    Yet another use for this beloved herbs. Use chives in the brine, sprinkle on top, add to the compound butter, or just cook along with your fish. The perfect partner.

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    Salmon and dill
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    The most basic herbal pairing that anyone who knows fish can think of. It's no surprise that dill makes the list. For good reason. It is a marriage that was meant to be.

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    Fish fennel
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    Fennel is a delicately flavored herb, and the fresh fish can really make it shine. Try layering some fennel on the bottom of foil packet, before placing the fish on top. Seal and cook. The flavor of both ingredients combines in a completely delicious way.

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    Lemon Balm

    Lemon balm
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    A great reason to grow this prolific herb; the lemony flavor is just the thing to perk up a fish dish.

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    Lovage is perfect for a garden that is in full sun or lightly shaded. Because second or third-year roots are often used, it is also a good time to divide your lovage plants.

    Lovage is said to have a very strong flavor, so if you are unfamiliar with its taste, be sure to start with a light hand in your dishes.

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    Fish stuffed with marjoram herb
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    Sweet and savory, marjoram is like a grown up version of oregano. Try it with fish, you will love the results.

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    Salmon with mint and seasoning
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    Just a touch of mint will really improve any fish recipe. Try it with just about any kind of fish, for a sparkle in the flavor.

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    Parsley is a juicy, *green* tasting herb that supports the delicate flavors of fish and seafood quite well. It grows indoors and out, making it perfect for your kitchen garden. You can have it on hand for brightening up those fish dishes all winter long.

    For more interesting information about parsley, see: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Parsley

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    Satureja Hortensis, Savory
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    Sweet Summer savory is perfect for all your fish and seafood dishes. Isn't it a lovely plant? The strong flavor means you must use a light hand when adding to your recipe, but the flavor is worth it. Fresh or dried, savory is a wonderful compliment to your seafood.

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    Potted Tarragon and Two Pebbles on a Wooden Plank
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    French tarragon needs to make a culinary comeback. It is a staple for French cooking, but Americans seem to have forgotten just how delicious this herb is. Perfect for a container, tarragon is wonderfully suited for a kitchen garden. It adds a light, delicate flavor to fish dishes.

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    Mussels and thyme
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    Thyme is perfect for fish and seafood. sprinkle it lightly, as it cooks, the flavor becomes more intense.

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    Grilled fish with rosemary
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    Beautiful and fragrant, rosemary is a delightful herb for fish and seafood. Use rosemary fresh or dried. I find that the fresh rosemary has a bit more citrus flavor, so keep that in mind.

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    Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Sage, Salvia officinalis, in garden
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    Sage also tastes great with fish. Use a light hand when seasoning with sage. Cooking and/or freezing increases the intensity.