What Is a Crépinette?

Philip Dowell / Getty Images

Crépinettes are a type of flat sausage patties that are characteristically wrapped in caul fat. They are made with a highly seasoned country-style forcemeat with a relatively coarse texture. 

How Crépinettes Are Made

Crépinettes can be made of pork, veal, chicken, lamb, or a combination. Truffles are a classic flavoring ingredient for crépinettes.​

Classical crépinettes would be coated with melted butter and then tossed in breadcrumbs before sautéeing or grilling. The caul fat around the crépinettes will melt away as it cooks.

Serving Crépinettes 

Crépinettes would usually be served with a purée of potatoes, which in classical times was made by pressing cooked potatoes through a sieve and then adding butter and hot milk.

It's typical to serve crépinettes with a concentrated, powerfully seasoned sauce. For instance, chicken crépinettes would be served with a strongly seasoned chicken velouté sauce, and crépinettes flavored with truffles would be accompanied by a Perigueux sauce, which is basically a Madeira sauce with minced truffles added. In addition, a thin slice of truffle underneath the caul fat before cooking is a common garnish.