What Is a Marcona Almond?

Marcona Almonds Salted
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Marcona almonds are a type of gourmet almond from Spain. They've been imported into the US for years, but their popularity is on the rise. Their texture is closer to that of a macadamia nut, and they're rounder and plumper than the more common California almond. These sweet almonds can be enjoyed on their own as a gourmet treat or used in any recipe that calls for almonds. Nutritionally there is minimal difference between the more common almond and those from Marcona, but the flavor is another story.


What are Marcona almonds?

They are a variety of sweet almond, and they're slightly shorter and plumper in appearance compared to the traditional sweet almonds typically found at the market. They're very popular in Mediterranean countries, and they're gaining popularity in the United States, their reach now extending past epicurean stores to bulk retailers.

What does a Marcona almond taste like?

A Marcona almond is far sweeter, moister, and delicately soft, than the classic sweet variety. It has a delicate aroma and flavor that is reminiscent of the almond essence used in baked goods. It's no secret why Marcona almonds are winning fans all over the globe, from gourmands to chefs to moms looking for a healthy snack for the kids.

Uses for Marcona Almonds

Try the specialty almonds in tortes, sautéed in oil and sprinkled over a salad, served with wine and cheese, or chopped and added to baked goods and crepes.

Use Marcona almonds in these delicious French recipes.

How to Store Marcona Almonds

Make sure to buy fresh almonds and store them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. The very quality that makes Marcona almonds so delicious, a high oil and moisture content, makes them particularly susceptible to becoming rancid, so buy only what you can use by the package sell-by date and store them properly.

If stored correctly these nuts usually have a shelf life of a few months, but heat and humidity can cause them to turn sooner. They can be kept in the fridge if you're trying to lengthen their shelf life.

How to Tell if Your Marcona Almonds Have Gone Rancid

Most people probably don't realize that dry goods like nuts actually do have a shelf life. Nuts are high in unsaturated oils; it's precisely that oil which can turn rancid when exposed to light and air. A bitter or sour taste or smell is one sign that your nuts have turned. If your nuts have darkened in color that's another warning sign. While it's pretty rare for nuts to mold, if they're exposed to moisture it can happen so be on the lookout for that as well. When purchasing almonds make sure, you buy them from a place that has a high product turnover to ensure you buy the freshest nuts.