What Is Farfalle?

what is farfalle

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In the culinary arts, the word farfalle (pronounced "far-FALL-ay") refers to a type of pasta is shaped like little butterflies or bow-ties. Indeed, the word "farfalle" means "butterflies" in Italian.

Farfalle is made by cutting fresh pasta into small rectangles and then pinching the centers together to form the bow-tie shape.

Farfalle recipes often feature creamy sauces, like a creamy mushroom sauce, fresh tomato sauces, or sauces featuring cheeses such as alfredo sauce. Farfalle is sometimes served with grilled chicken.

Farfalle is the traditional pasta used in making the classic Eastern European dish kasha varnishkes. Kasha varnishkes is made by sautéeing onions and mushrooms in chicken fat and simmering buckwheat groats (also known as kasha) until tender. The farfalle pasta is then mixed with the onion-mushroom mixture and the cooked kasha and then seasoned and garnished with chopped parsley.

You can also try using farfalle in a tuna pasta casserole with Parmesan cheese.