Kale Italia - What is Kale Italia?

Kale Italia

If you're like me, you love getting your greens in any way you can, and you love trying new kinds of foods - and that includes greens! It's no secret that leafy green vegetables are one of the healthiest foods on the planet and one of the best simple superfoods you can eat every day. So why wouldn't you want to try more ways to cook greens and explore new kinds of greens? There's a new kind of green popping up in grocery stores across the country that you might not have heard of already: kale italia.


What is Kale Italia?

Kale Italia is actually not a plant or a kind of green, it is a blend of three different kinds of greens (baby kale, baby arugula and Japanese mizuna greens), and radicchio. Kale Italia is sold under the Earthbound Farm brand "Deep Green Blends" line of products, which includes several other mixes of greens, including baby kale, arugula, chard, mustard, tatsoi and more.

What does Kale Italia taste like?

While I'm usually not personally the biggest fan of arugula (or radicchio, for that matter), I actually like Kale Italia quite a bit. The peppery sting of arugula is very mild, since it's a soft baby arugula, the kale is likewise a baby kale so it's very tender and easy to chew, and the radicchio just adds a pleasant crunch. Of course, the only real way to find out whether or not you like it is to give it a try. 

According to Earthbound Farm, blends of greens, such as Kale Italia are more popular and a hotter seller than plain greens, so chances are, if everyone else likes them, you will too.

What to do with Kale Italia?

A whole salad with only kale can be a bit much for most people, but what about Kale Italia? Because Kale Italia is made with baby kale, it's actually great as a base for a mixed-green salad of just about any kind. It also blends up great for green smoothies, and adds flavor to just about any other dish you want to cook it up in.

In other words, it's a bit of a softer, gentler way to eat more greens!

I've been cooking up a little bit of Kale Italia to go alongside my morning tofu scramble (just add a little garlic and sautee in a touch of oil, similar to this sauteed mixed greens recipe), and I also like it as a base for just about any kind of green salad

Need some more ideas? Toss in a handful to a soup or chili just a few minutes before done cooking, add to pasta sauces or make a Kale Italia and basil pesto, add to rice dishes and any kind of risotto, or, try out this Kale Italia recipe below: