Guide to Sausage and How to Make Your Own

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Question: What is sausage and what is sausage made from?

Sausage comes in many forms and is not always meat

Answer: Sausage is defined as ground meat mixed with fat, salt and other seasonings, preservatives, and sometimes fillers. Some sausage mixtures are sold in bulk form, and others forced into casings to form links.
Sausage is available in fresh form, which needs to be cooked before consumption, and dry or cured form, which are already cooked.
Virtually any type of meat can be used in sausage, but most common are pork or pork blends. Variety truly is the spice of life, with spicy, hot sausages and bland sausages, and with flavorings running the gamut from garlic to nutmeg.
Creative chefs are also making sausages from vegetable and seafood blends for those who eschew meats. There are also ways to lower the fat if you make your own at home.

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