Sorbet Frozen Dessert

Scoops of sorbet
Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

Sorbet (pronounced "sor -BAY") is a frozen dessert which is typically made with some kind of fruit juice and/or puréed fruit, plus a sweetener (usually sugar), along with other flavoring ingredients. Wine and liqueur are sometimes used for flavoring sorbet. Sorbets can even be flavored with chocolate or coffee.

Note that the one ingredient you won't find in a sorbet is any sort of dairy product, such as milk or cream. Nor are eggs (yolks or whites) used in making sorbet. (But see Sherbet.)

Unlike ice cream, sorbet doesn't have air whipped into it, which gives it a very dense consistency and intensifies the flavor.

In addition to being served as a dessert, sorbet is sometimes presented as a palate cleanser between courses of a multicourse meal.

The word sorbetto is simply the Italian word for sorbet.