Snacks That Get Us Through the Work Day

Peanut butter hummus

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Still learning to embrace the work-from-home lifestyle, and with easy access to our kitchens, our editors have found themselves embracing snack life. Gone was the traditional window of a "lunch break" to go out and grab a bite or open a lunch we packed, we were instead faced with our full kitchens just a shuffle away between Zoom meetings. Whether embracing easy snacks that are also kid friendly as we juggle work and school from home or we are leaning into the keto low carb snack craze, we as a team have come to appreciate the mid-morning and mid-afternoon pick me ups that a tasty snack can afford. Here's how our editors are nibbling their way through the work day.

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    Tinned Seafood

    variety of canned seafood products and bread on light wooden surface

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    Listen, there are many things in the world on which to snickety-snack. Shall I count the ways?! Cheese, charcuterie, chips (all of the chips), fruit, but when I am in a pinch and I need something to “get in my belly” and hang around for a while, I head straight to my pantry to my arsenal of shelf-stable canned smoked fish. Mussels, clams, yellowtail, octopus, tuna, but mostly sardines. Together with my trusty vat of Cholula hot sauce and some hearty full grain crackers, that bite back, I am saited. And when I am feeling myself, at the end of the day, I throw this little number together and slather it over gorgeous olive and roasted pepper focaccia from the farmers market with a dirty martini on the on mute. I will talk to y’all later. -Kysha Harris, Food Editor

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    Homemade Pickles

    Canned Homemade Dill Pickle Slices

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    When I’m not housing bags of Paleo Puffs, I’m reaching for pickles. Either straight out of the jar, chopped into a salad, or slapped onto a sammie, pickles are a staple for my WFH lifestyle. There’s no less than 10 jars of every kind in my fridge at all times. Once the clock strikes 5pm (sometimes earlier), that pickle juice turns into cocktails. -Lauryn Bodden, Associate Food Editor

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    Any Ingredient, Unadorned

    How to make perfect jammy eggs recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Chistruga

    Snacks clearly deserve more respect from me because I’m not even considering them. I’m just opening the fridge when hungry and putting whichever food I touch first directly into my mouth as if it were an apple. It’s sometimes folded romaine lettuce leaves. Have you tried that? It’s good. Sometimes a whole bell pepper, cucumber, chunk of cabbage. Other times, its mozzarella, a perfectly cooked egg, or block of tofu. Sometimes it’s even an actual apple. Changing this unsightly snack habit will be the hardest adjustment for me when we go back to working in an office. -Heather Ramsdell, Editorial Director

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    Salsa Verde

    Mexican salsa verde recipe

    The Spruce / Victoria Heydt

    Honestly, my go-to snack is peanut butter and apples. There’s just something satisfying about the sweetness of the creamy peanut butter combined with the tart, crispness of a Granny Smith apple that does it for me. Plus, peanut butter is already ready to go which is ideal, because most of the time I want minimal effort to be put into my snacks. When I am feeling more zealous, I’d love to make this salsa verde again. It was so fresh and had such great flavor that I was eating it with everything from tortilla chips to grilled steak. So. Good. -Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager

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    Pimento Cheese Dip

    Southern Pimento Cheese Spread in a bowl

    The Spruce / Diana Chistruga

    I love cheese. In a deep and unconditional love kind of way. For me, whipping up a batch of this pimento cheese dip on a Sunday to have on hand during the work week has been a blessing for my work from home life. I would describe my usual weekday eating habits as keto-ish, and this Southern staple fits right in, especially when paired with veg like celery, cucumbers or little broccoli trees. It also helps me feel a bit more civilized than simply gnawing at a hunk of sharp cheddar while hovering over the fridge. As I may, or may not, have been known to do when quarantine first started. -Kristin Stangl, Associate Food Editor