Where Can I Buy a Shawarma Cone?

Shawarma Against Flame

Loraine Galvan / Getty Images

Looking to find a shawarma cone or spit to open your shawarma shop? Here are some tips to help you find a place near you!

Look Locally

When looking to buy a shawarma spit, tower, or cone (all used interchangeably), your first stop should be your local restaurant supply store. If they do not carry them, which is probably a safe bet, ask the store if they can order one for you. Most restaurant supply store managers have contacts throughout the industry and may know someone to help you.

Search for Online Retailers

Secondly, you can search online for places to purchase a shawarma tower. While we cannot personally recommend a dealer or importer, we can give you some tips for buying online:

  • Never purchase a large item like a shawarma cone before talking to a salesperson at the company. Make sure you understand the cost, the shipping method, and if any money will be collected at delivery by the freight company.
  • Never impulse buy. Shop around and get the best deal. But, remember, if it's remarkably inexpensive in comparison to others, it's probably too good to be true.
  • Consider buying a used shawarma cone. They are considerably less expensive and are often put up for sale by a restaurant who has upgraded to a larger one.
  • Just because it is made in the Middle East doesn't mean it's of higher quality or more authentic. Ordering from the Middle East may be expensive, so try to find an importer closer to home. Many shawarma dealers are located in Canada, so that may be the closest in the U.S.

Buying a shawarma cone can be a frustrating experience! It is not something that you can have delivered overnight. It can be a long process, so plan accordingly.