Where to Buy Polish Foods in the States

Dumplings for sale on a market stall
Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Here is a list of Polish delis, import stores and online grocers that sell Polish foods in the U.S. This list is by no means comprehensive but it should point you in the right direction. 

Check here for where to buy Central and Eastern European foods in the States, including Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian delicacies.

Alexandra Foods Co.

Alexandra's is a brick-and-mortar store in Chicago that produces at least 15 different pierogi, uszka, pyzy, naleśniki, kopytka, Silesian dumplings, and more. They are authentic-tasting dumplings at supremely affordable prices. You can call ahead to place orders for pick up, but they do not ship to individuals, only businesses. The good news is that stores nationwide carry their products, making a trip to Chicago unnecessary. Ask your grocer if they carry the products.

Babcia Foods Inc.

This is the mother lode of Polish food, books, souvenirs, Christmas ornaments and more. They carry name brands like Krakus bakery and Belmont sausage products and their own Babcia Foods brand, which includes honey, jams, condiments, sauerkraut and more. Babcia means "grandmother" in English, so you know the stuff is good. Look for hard-to-find mixes, dry goods, and highly prized dried borowiki mushrooms. They offer gift baskets and will ship their products nationwide and to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Chrusciki Bakery

The name of this bakery and online store, chruściki, is a popular Polish pastry known as "angel wings" or "bow ties" in the States. The brick-and-mortar stores have three locations in the Buffalo, N.Y., area but they have a decent selection of items that can be shipped. You'll find all the Polish favorites -- makowiec, nut rolls, placek, and more -- plus American-style desserts and wedding cakes.

Delightful Pastries

This "delightful" business has three locations in Chicago. They offer all the traditional Polish pastries and bread you can imagine in addition to celebration cakes, holiday foods, and gourmet French pastries. Pączki are their specialty for Mardi Gras and Christmas Eve foods for wigilia but don't overlook the pierogi, soups, and sandwiches. Call for possible shipping.

Lowell International Foods

Lowell probably is the best-known distributor of Polish foods. It has a complete line of excellent products including cheeses, meats, fish, groceries, sweets, bakery, dairy and more. They have no brick-and-mortar store, just a processing plant. But their products are available at many ethnic delis and import stores as well as online.

Paulina Meat Market

This Chicago company has a brick-and-mortar store as well as a complete online store with shipping to the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. They offer all the Polish products you might expect plus wild game, goose, entrées that are flash frozen, house-smoked pork belly, wagyu beef and gift packages for those longing for a taste of the Old Country.


Here's another Chicago-based online-only store offering the full complement of Polish food -- pierogi, dumplings, naleśniki, sausages, bread, condiments, desserts, soups, vegetables, jams, kitchen tools. You can order your entire wigilia dinner from them so you can still observe the beautiful tradition of the Star Supper.

Polska Foods

This unusual California-based company features gourmet pierogi using fresh, local, organic ingredients. None of their products are made with GMOs, preservatives, MSG, trans fats, or anything artificial. The pierogi are frozen fresh, not pre-cooked, to maintain the nutrient value and quality.  Their products are available nationwide at select retailers (check the store locator on the website) only. They do not have an online store. Some of their more unusual fillings include spinach-feta and whole wheat potato.

Sweet Poland

This New York-based online company ships its huge selection of award-winning sausages, deli meats, pierogi, bread, pastries, condiments, jarred items, jams, candies, dry goods and much more to the continental United States. 

Wild Mushrooms from Poland

This online store air-ships authentic and much-loved dried Polish borowiki mushrooms and podgrzybek mushrooms anywhere in the world. Pay via Paypal.