Types of Couscous

Moroccan couscous in a pan

Alessio Bogani / Stocksy

Step aside rice and orzo! Couscous is finding its way back into the worldwide mainstream. If rice and pasta were to wed, couscous would be the offspring. It's quick and easy to make and can be flavored with nearly any fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood, herb or spice you can imagine.

Couscous Varieties

Moroccan couscous: Tiny grains of semolina are about three times the size of a grain of cornmeal. This type cooks very quickly.

Israeli couscous: These semolina pellets are about the size of peppercorns and will take much longer to cook. This type is usually steamed in the traditional long-cooking method.

Lebanese couscous: Larger than Israeli couscous, the starchy pellets are about the size of small peas. Cook long and slow.