Whole Foods 365 Organic Tea Reviews

Whole Foods 365 Organic Teas in lemon and mint.
Lindsey Goodwin

The Whole Foods 365 line of organic iced teas comes in four flavors: Organic Mint Green Tea, Organic Lemon Black Tea, Organic Peach Oolong and Organic Mango Acai White Tea. The line is "Whole Trade" certified (Whole Foods' version of Fair Trade), Fair Trade certified, vegan and gluten-free. Each flavor comes in a 16 ounce PET bottle, which is about the same size as many similar iced teas on the market. Read reviews for each variety of Whole Foods organic iced tea below, and check out more bottled drink reviews.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Mint Green Tea

With 16 grams of sugar in 16 ounces of tea, this isn't nearly as sweet as some of the iced teas you'll find in your local drink cooler, but it is still what we would consider a decidedly sweet iced tea.
It has a hazy appearance, which can be indicative of polyphenols/antioxidants suspended in the brew. (Some brands filter out the antioxidants for a clear appearance. However, you can get clear iced tea without doing this.)
The aroma of Whole Foods' Organic Mint Green Tea is very sweet like Southern iced tea meets sugary Moroccan mint green tea. The flavor is similarly sweet, with light notes of lemon (thanks to citric acid, a natural preservative), spearmint and peppermint. The aftertaste is clean, sweet and better than the aftertaste of most ready-to-drink teas. Overall, we give this tea four stars out of five for its refreshing taste and finish. We recommend it for summer afternoons and hikes/day outings.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Lemon Black Tea

This "Southern-style" (very sweet) tea is made with organic black tea from India and organic lemon flavor. The aroma is lemony, and the flavor is sweet and lemony, with some tannins (though it's not as astringent or bold as most Southern sweet teas). The aftertaste is lemony and clean.
Although this tea is not as interesting as the Organic Mint Green, it's better than most iced black teas found in bottles. We give it 3.5 stars.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Peach Oolong

If you're looking for an oolong (and not a blend), skip this tea—like most bottled "oolongs" it's a blend of oolong and black tea. (Similarly, most bottled "white teas" are a mix of white tea, green tea and sometimes even black tea.) If you're looking for an enjoyable, peach-flavored drink with less sugar than a soda, then keep reading.
Organic Peach Oolong has a strong peach note in the aroma, flavor, and aftertaste. With 20 grams of sugar per 16-ounce bottle, it's very sweet. The aftertaste isn't as clean as the two reviewed above, but it's not bad. Overall, at 3.5 stars, as this tea is not as good as the similar (but generally more expensive) peach oolong tea from Honest Tea. We recommend trying both to see which you prefer.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Mango Acai White Tea

Like some of Honest Tea's blends, this tea combines superfruits with tea for an antioxidant boost (or at least the implication of one—the actual levels aren't listed on the bottles). Like Whole Foods' Peach oolong, Mango Acai White Tea has 20 grams of sugar per bottle, making it a very sweet tea that's more likely to appeal to soda drinkers and sports drink fans than homemade tea drinkers.

The aroma of Mango Acai White Tea is sweet, fruity and tropical. Its flavor lies somewhere between fruit juice and VitaminWater. There's no real tea taste and the aftertaste is cloyingly sweet. Although this is our least favorite of the line, We are sure that there are those who will love it.

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