3 Wholesome $10 Meals That’ll Feed the Family

Thai Shrimp Curry
Helen Rushbrook / Stocksy United

Eating well is expensive. Eating well as a family: very expensive. Save a few dollars (or more) with these three cheap but balanced meals. From BBQ chicken-stuffed sweet potatoes to baked Italian skillet eggs and Thai shrimp curry, these ten-dollar dishes leave room (in your budget) for dessert.


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    Tasty Thai Shrimp Curry

    The Spruce

    Bring warm Thai flavor to the table with this easy curry. Red curry paste forms the chile-forward backbone of this dish, cooked with coconut milk to give the sauce its yellowish hue. Carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms, and basil add color and nutrition, while shrimp rounds things out with a crisp protein boost. Enjoy it over rice—and don’t be afraid to throw pour some sauce on top. 

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    Italian Skillet-Baked Eggs

    The Spruce

    This Italian-inspired dish is the ultimate answer to breakfast for dinner. Eggs are cooked alongside mozzarella in a simmering sausage-tomato sauce. Sweet Italian sausage, plus fresh parsley and grated Parmesan cheese on top, infuse the dish with rich, herbaceous flavor and an extra smack of salt. Serve with (or on) rustic toasted bread and buon appetito!  

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    BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    The Spruce

    Love sweet potatoes? No more relegating them to the side of the plate. The root veggie takes center stage in this tasty, balanced meal. Roasted sweet potatoes are stuffed with a mix of spiced grilled chicken and sautéed veggies—all tossed with barbecue sauce. Whether you’re cooking for one or looking for a new way to sneak kale into family dinner, add this dish to your BBQ shortlist.