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Wine Basics

Wine newbie? Familiarize yourself with these basic wine facts and you'll be able to pick a wine you'll love.
Dry Riesling is a popular choice among wine drinkers
Dry Riesling: a Classic but Popular Style of Wine
Elderberry wine
What Is Elderberry Wine?
Wine at a holiday dinner party
Holiday Wine Pairing Guide
Identifying a vegan wine may take a bit of research
What Is Vegan Wine?
Pouring red wine into glass
Everything You Need to Know About Beaujolais Nouveau Wine
A glass porron filled with wine
What Is a Porrón?
Beaujolais wine
What Is Beaujolais Wine?
Napa Valley Vineyards
The 8 Best Napa Valley Wineries for Cabernet Sauvignon
10 Wine Hacks That Will Save the Day (and Your Wine)
Rose Wines
All About Rosé Wines
Pouring red wine
Sound Like a Sommelier: 15 Wine Tasting Terms to Know
African American woman drinking glass of wine
How to Find Sweet Red Wines
Red Wine at Picnic
Tips for Letting Your Wine Breathe
pouring port wine
What Is Port Wine?
Pinot Noir clusters
What Is Pinot Noir Wine?
Brut Champagne
What Is Brut Champagne?
African American woman drinking glass of wine
How to Taste Wine Like a Professional
Wine storage
How to Store Wine
sherry wine in glasses
What Is Sherry Wine?
Glasses of wine
Which Wine Has the Least Sugar?
Port wine
Fortified Wine Types and Uses
Woman reaching for bottle on wine in fridge
Can You Store Wine in the Refrigerator?
Wine Corks
What Is Bordeaux Wine?
Frozen grapes on the vine for ice wine
What Is Ice Wine?
Group of people toasting
New Year's Eve Toasts and Quotes
Two glasses of white wine on sunset
Chardonnay Wine Is a Worldwide Favorite
Glass of madeira wine and bottle
What Is Madeira Wine?
Bordeaux Wine Classifications and Basics
Three women tasting wine together
How to Host a Vertical Wine Tasting
Zinfandel grapes held in a hand
What Is Zinfandel Wine?
Women tasting wine with friends
What Are Tannins in Red Wine?
Senior mans hands harvesting grapes from vine
Wine Grape Harvest
Wine glasses with wine bottles on a table
The Best Ways (and Reasons) to Freeze Wine
Pinot Blanc wine being poured into glass
What Is Pinot Blanc Wine?
Red wine vineyard
The Six Noble Grapes
Pouring a glass of Merlot
What Is Merlot Wine?
Wine in party background
What Is Cabernet Sauvignon Wine?
Madeleine Angevine Grapes
What Is Pinot Grigio Wine?
Man pouring Prosecco
What Is Prosecco Wine?
Malbec wine grapes
What Is Malbec Wine?
Pouring wine into wine glasses
How to Host a Wine Tasting Party
Young couple chooses wine in shop
How to Select the Perfect Wine
Italy, Sicily, Marsala
What Is Marsala Wine?
Woman drinking wine
Understanding Wine Sulfites
Close-Up Of Wine Bottles Over White Background
Do You Know the Different Wine Bottle Sizes?
Two young women cooking together in loft apartment, toasting in wine
Wine Trivia for Beginners
Botrytis Cluster
Sauternes and Sweet Bordeaux Wine
Azienda Agricola Beconcini Pietro, il tempranillo della Toscana
What Is Tempranillo Wine?
Filling champagne flutes with bubbly
Champagne and Other Gluten-Free Drinks
DOCG and DOC wine labels
What Are Italian Wine Labels?
Friends drinking champagne at party
Champagne and Sparkling Wine Basics
White Wine Glasses
Identifying Sweet White Wines
Glass of White Wine on a Barrel in Wine Cellar
Vinho Verde 101
Backlit Bottles of Mead
What Is Mead (Honey Wine)?
Cajun and wine
Pairing Wines With Our Favorite Mardi Gras Foods
Red wine
Calories in a Glass of Wine
Moscato wine
What Is Moscato Wine?
Pouring red wine
What Do Wine Legs Really Mean?
Cropped Image Of Hand Pouring Wine In Glass
Wine Flavors and Flavor Influences
Easter Ham Dinner Wine Pairings
10 Brilliant Wines That Pair With Ham for Your Easter Dinner