Wine Cooler

Question: Which wine cooler is the best for storing wine?

Answer: Wine coolers, not the super sweet malt-based beverage, but the aptly named, umbrella term refering to the broad category of refrigeration and climate control units that are designed to well... keep wine cool while storing wine in optimum conditions. From keeping wines in a cool, dark, vibration-free environment to allowing for humidity control and ongoing temperature settings, wine cooler units fall into two classifications: Wine Refrigerators and Wine Cabinets.

Wine Cooler: Refrigeration Units

Wine refrigeration units are built to accomodate as few as 12 bottles up to hundreds of bottles based on budget and space requirements. They are typically a cheaper wine storage option, because when it comes to climate control they are limited to temperature settings, leaving humidity control to full on wine cabinet collections.

Wine Cooler: Wine Cabinets Wine cabinets turn up it up a notch by providing a safe haven for wines in the form of complete climate control. A wine needs cool temps and relative humidity in the 55-75% range, for long-term storage and the best aging potential. While the wine cooler cabinets may cost a bit more up front for the ability to set and maintain both humidity and temperature levels, it is worth the cost if you are serious about collecting and aging wine.

While there are no shortages of makers or models for today's wine cooler, there are some tried and true units that are worth checking out first and foremost.