8 Wonderful Winter Cocktails

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    Enjoy a Fantastic Cocktail This Winter

    Sparkling Blood Orange Punch for a Winter Party
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    Winter winds bring a change of taste in our drinks and there are many stunning cocktails for you to try on the coldest days of the year. Among the best recipes are those that celebrate the season, are filled with our favorite flavors, and warm up the chill in our bones.

    From tempting drinks of peppermint and chocolate to smooth sippers that are as aromatic as they are tasty, there's a great winter cocktail waiting for everyone. Let's take a look at some of our old favorites as well as a...MORE few modern recipes that are sure to please your palate this winter.

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    Caramel Irish Coffee: A Most Delicious Cup

    Haven Rooftop's Caramel Irish Coffee Cocktail
    © Haven Rooftop

    Put a spin on that classic Irish Coffee and bring some butterscotch into the mix.

    Irish whiskey and coffee are natural companions, the 75-year history of the famous Irish Coffee cocktail has proven that. We simply cannot get enough of this pairing and bartenders and drinkers throughout the world continue to find ways to mix them into fun, new, and delicious recipes.

    The Caramel Irish Coffee is one such recipe and it certainly is a tasty treat. This Irish Coffee spin-off is extremely simple: brew...MORE the best coffee you can, add Jameson, Bailey's, and butterscotch schnapps, then top it with whipped cream.

    It's a fabulous hot, creamy cocktail and it may even become your new after dinner coffee drink.

    Caramel Irish Coffee recipe

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    Almost a Collins: A Celebration of the Blood Orange

    Almost a Collins Cocktail Recipe with DRY Blood Orange Soda
    DRY Soda

    Take advantage of winter's gift of the sweet, seasonal citrus.

    You may be thinking that the summer is the best time for fresh fruits and, for the most part, you're right. Yet, there are some great finds in the winter produce markets and we need to take advantage of these while they're in season.

    While the pomegranate is a great fruit that can only be found in the winter months, it is not alone. The blood orange is equally delightful and you will only find this sweeter citrus from...MORE December through April (give or take depending on the year's crop). This is the perfect time to mix up fun and interesting cocktails like the Habanero Blood Orange Margarita.

    If spicy cocktails aren't your pleasure, you will find a fantastic drink like the Almost a Collins cocktail to be a bit more approachable. This fruity sipper mixes a great vodka with fresh-squeezed blood orange juice as well as Dry Sparkling's blood orange soda. To add a little contrast, that homemade cinnamon syrup we love so much is thrown into the mix.

    When you're ready for a unique, sparkling cocktail with a true seasonal flair, it's hard to beat this one.

    Almost a Collins recipe

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    Milk & Honey: The Ultimate Nightcap

    Milk and Honey Cocktail with Brandy, Cinnamon, and Orange
    Benedictine Liqueur

    Find comfort in a delightful milk cocktail and enjoy a relaxing night.

    Grandma always told us that warm milk helps us relax and it's long been a comfort for many before bed. It's time to bring that thought into the world of cocktails and mix up a tasty nightcap.

    The key to warming milk is to go slow and low. You do not want your milk to curdle and this is not the time to be impatient. Whether you're mixing up a cocktail like the cognac-based Snow Honey or the classic Milk & Honey,...MORE remember to treat your milk with kindness because bad milk will spoil a perfectly good drink.

    The Milk & Honey has long been a favorite in the cocktail scene and it's probably the best known of the milky lot. The 'honey' comes from Benedictine, that sweet honey-flavored herbal liqueur that should be a staple in every well-stocked bar. It adds a wonderful flavor to the milk and since the recipe requires just those two ingredients, even the sleepiest of drinkers can mix it up.

    Does the idea of hot milk make your stomach curdle? No worries, you can also enjoy the Milk & Honey cold. 

    Milk & Honey recipe

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    Midnight Snowstorm: Warm Up With Spiked Cocoa

    Midnight Snowstorm - Spiked Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipe
    Raphye Alexius/Image Source/Getty Images

    Are you ready for a night of boozy hot cocoa?

    Few drinks are more appropriate for winter than a steaming cup of hot chocolate. It's delicious, it's comforting, and it's the perfect base for an adult libation.

    One of our favorite flavors to add to this mug of goodness is mint. We've been mixing it in popular cocktails like the Hot Peppermint Patty for years and there are many ways to approach the boozy mint-chocolate concoction.

    Among those is the tasty and simple Midnight Snowstorm....MORE This recipe allows the cocoa to take care of the rich chocolate flavor and leaves the mint up to both styles of creme de menthe. The best part has to be the drizzle of green creme de menthe overtop a good-sized dollop of whipped cream. It's a beautiful way to dress up the drink.

    Midnight Snowstorm recipe

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    Snowball: A Refreshing Brandy Classic

    Snow Ball Cocktail
    Victoria Pearson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    Winter cocktails are not all about mint, chocolate, and cream.

    There is no need to stick with the stereotypical winter cocktails and all their mint, chocolate, and whatnot. No, winter is also a time when we can sit back and relax with an ice-cold classic and enjoy the simplified, refined taste our grandparents enjoyed.

    Brandy is the ideal base for an impressive winter highball. The darker spirit has a warming aspect to it and, sure, you can mix it with peppermint in a drink like the Snowshoe Grog,...MORE but we have a better idea.

    The Snow Ball cocktail is straight out of the late 1900s and it's about as classic as a shaken cocktail can get. The mix is simple -- brandy, syrup, egg, and ginger ale -- and it comes together with a certain sophistication. It's an interesting mix and the winter months seem like the perfect time to revive the recipe.

    Snow Ball recipe

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    Tanqueray Almond: A Relaxing Winter Sipper

    Tanqueray Almond
    Tanqueray London Dry Gin

    Pour and sip... it doesn't get much easier than that.

    Some of the most satisfying cocktails you will find are the simplest. Just look at the famous B&B; two ingredients in a snifter in a warming mix that is both a treat and a comfort on a cold night.

    We can use gin in the same way as brandy and snowy days are the perfect setting for that piney flavor we find in our favorite gins. You might want to warm it up and enjoy a Hot Gin Toddy in which those botanicals come to life under steam, or...MORE you might try some a bit more chill.

    The Tanqueray Almond is the drink that will fit this need perfectly. It too will use your favorite snifter and the aromatic delight of a fantastic London dry gin mixed with amaretto is an experience you'll relish on a chilly evening.

    Tanqueray Almond recipe

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    Winter Cocktail: Tiki Isn't Reserved for Summer Alone

    Classic Winter Cocktail
    Bill Boch/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

    A single ingredient can bring a summer favorite into the cold months.

    Tiki cocktails are great and they can be used to pick up your spirits no matter what time of year it is. Yet, we often set the greats like the Hurricane and Mai Tai aside for the winter (unless we escape to the tropics, of course). It doesn't have to be so.

    You can still enjoy a great rum cocktail with a hint of tiki-style in the winter. You simply need to select the right recipe and a classic like the Winter Cocktail is the...MORE perfect place to begin.

    This recipe has the rum, sugar, and citrus combination we have come to love. To give it the seasonal flare we're looking for, a little spice from a ginger liqueur and that tiki-specialty known as pimento dram is brought into the mix. It's a playful drink that is sure to wake up your palate.

    Winter Cocktail recipe

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    Frostbite: A Little Nip of Tequila

    Frostbite - Blue Tequila Cocktail
    A sneaky drink that hides tequila behind a creamy blue veil, the Frostbite is fun. Lorenzo Viola / EyeEm / Getty Images

    A creamy, blue tequila cocktail... you're kidding, right?

    Sometimes you just have to mix up a drink that is unique and breaks down all preconceptions about a distilled spirit.

    Tequila is also one of those liquors that we relegate to warmer days, which is a shame. The explosion of the tequila market has opened up new possibilities. There's no way you can get a taste of all your options if you confine it to a few months of the year.

    That is where a cocktail like the Frostbite comes in. It is...MORE certainly not your typical tequila cocktail, but it is blue (so it has that going for it). This fun drink may not be for everyone, but if you've ever wondered what happens when tequila meets creamy chocolate with a hint of orange, here's your answer. It's quite delicious.

    Frostbite recipe