How to Make Wonton Purses

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    Lay Out the Wonton Wrapper

    Filling and Folding Wonton Purses
    Adding Filling to the Wonton Wrapper. Rhonda Parkinson

    You’ll find many recipes calling for wonton purses or money bags – wonton wrappers gathered into the shape of a purse or small bag. Here are easy photo instructions showing how to fold the filled wrappers to make wonton purses.

    For this feature I have used the filling in Fried Wonton.

    To begin, lay the wrapper in front of you so that it forms a diamond shape. Spread about 1 teaspoon of filling in middle of wrapper. Be sure not to spread the filling too close to the edge of the wrapper.

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    Wet the Edges of the Wonton Wrapper

    Filling and folding wonton purses
    Wetting the Edges Helps Keep the Wonton From Falling Apart During Cooking. Rhonda Parkinson

    You can use water or lightly beaten egg or egg white to wet the edges. Be sure to wet all four edges.

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    Start Folding the Wonton

    Filling and Folding Wonton Purses
    Folding the Wonton Wrapper. Rhonda Parkinson
    Lift the top and bottom edges of the wonton. Bring together, pressing together from the top to about halfway down to seal.
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    Bring Together the Left and Right Edges

    Filling and Folding Wonton Purses
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Bring together the left and right edges.

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    The Final Touches

    Filling and Folding Wonton Purses
    The Wonton Purses Can Be Fried or Used in Soup. Rhonda Parkinson
    Twist together the edges to seal.

    The wontons can now be deep-fried or used in soup. If you like, after cooking you can tie the purses with spring onion or chives. To make this easier, soak the spring onions or chives in hot water to soften. Tie the softened chive or spring onion into a loose knot, slip it over the top of the wonton purse and gently pull to tighten.