Recipe for Wrapping Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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    Wrapping a Vietnamese Spring Roll - Cha Gio

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Cha Gio. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    Eating the fried spring rolls wrapped up in soft rice paper and vegetables and sauces is the ultimate in enjoying the scrumptious Imperial Rolls.

    Before getting to this point of wrapping the spring rolls, you will need to have:

    1. prepared the Vietnamese Spring Roll filling.
    2. wrapped up the spring roll using rice paper wrappers.
    3. fried the Spring Rolls
    4. and concocted the Vietnamese Dipping Sauce, which main ingredient is the fish sauce. This is a dipping sauce that goes exceptionally well with the Cha Gio.

    A...MORErmed with the fried spring rolls, all you need are more of the dried rice paper wrappers, some water, some fresh herbs and vegetables and some dipping sauces.

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    Moistening the Rice Wrapper

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Moistening the Rice Paper Wrapper. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    There are 2 different sizes of rice paper wrapper available - either the 6.3"(16cm) or 8.7”(22cm) in diameter. I prefer to use the smaller ones - I find it easier to wrap, and a little bit more dainty! The only downside is that you cannot put in as many things as you would like into the Spring Roll. Try both and see how it fits your needs.

    There are 2 methods to moisten the rice paper wrapper before using it. The first method was explained in the step by step guide to wrapping up the...MORE Vietnamese Spring Roll filling with rice paper.This method is more efficient as the water works on the rice paper quicker, and if you have more space in the kitchen.

    The 2nd method is more suitable for the dining table. Use a small bowl or a mug and fill it up with warm water. This uses less space, and it is more presentable when you are dining with guests.

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    Lay on the Fresh Veggies, Herbs and Some Sauces

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Lay on the Fresh Herbs, Veggies and Some Sauces. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    After the rice paper has been softened by the water, use a teaspoon and put some thai chili sauce and hoisin sauce around the center of the rice paper.I do not recommend putting in the Vietnamese Dipping sauce at this point, as the sauce is a bit runny and the rice paper wrapper may tear as it is too watery.

    You can then put in whatever herbs and vegetables you prefer - I like to put in a little of everything as it enhances the taste of the Vietnamese Spring Roll.

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    Laying the Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll on

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Cha Gio on Rice Wrapper. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    Put the whole fried spring roll on top of the sauces and vegetables and herbs. Then pour some of the Vietnamese Dipping Sauce over. If you find that the spring roll is a bit too big for the rice paper wrapper, just slice the fried spring roll into cross section pieces of 2 inches long.

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    Fold Forwards

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Start Wrapping the Spring Roll. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    Fold the edge of the wrapper closest to you so that it covers the fried spring roll. Make sure that this first fold sticks to the fried spring roll. The moistened rice paper wrapper should be a bit sticky, which makes the rest of the wrapping process easier.

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    Fold to the Left and the Right

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Keep Wrapping the Spring Roll. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    Using both your hands, fold the right side of the wrapper towards the center, stopping where the filling is

    Do the same for the left side of the wrapper.

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    Keep Folding Forwards

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Keep Wrapping the Spring Roll. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    Keep folding the wrapper forwards until it reaches the end of the wrapper.

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    It's Ready, Take a Bite!

    Eating Wrapped Cha Gio
    Take a Bite!. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    The way to eat this gorgeous spring roll is just to hold it in your hand and start taking bites. Enjoy your meal!